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The Sunday Currently Vol. 3

The Sunday Currently is sort of like a weekly checkup of several items you are ‘currently’ in the middle of. It’s kind of like a diary of sorts, a documentation of your (or in this case, my) headspace at a particular point in time. Or, it could just be a way of passing the time on Sunday nights, which we all know really makes you want to kill yourself. (This is a joke.)


I am currently in the middle of Kelly Link’s Magic for Beginners by which I mean I am done with the first short story. It’s called “Faery Handbag” and it is great. I could not get enough and was incredibly sad when it ended… because I wanted more. It made me think about my own short stories, which I haven’t even done in probably almost a decade.


What I’m not writing is short fiction. I’m currently in the middle of writing something about art for a magazine, and I guess that’s all I’m going to say about that. (I’m using outlines, guys. This is how desperate I have become for productivity.)


Frankie Cosmos’ Zentropy, which I found by accident when I was Googling Phoebe Cates. (Ha.) My favorite tracks so far are “Owen,” “Buses Splash with Rain,” “Leonie,” aaaand, I think, “My I Love You,” though the entire album is enjoyable if a little heart-wrenching. You won’t even realize it until your heart is in tiny pieces on the floor. Joejoejoejoejoejoe!


About all the stuff I have to get done. P.S. I am going to Korea on the 6th, which makes me extra antsy about finishing work stuff, which makes me not want to work even more, if that was possible.


Coffee, good morning.


For the motivation to film and edit videos, because I actually enjoy doing those, believe it or not. Dignity, be damned!


I get to work on my writing again. Oh crap, it’s time for NaNoWriMo again? I’ve joined since 2007 or something and never won a year, lol.


What I wore to sleep last night.


My current passport. It is my favorite one so far.


To banish my laziness forever?


To cut back on acquiring stuff. I have so much stuff, you guys. Pretty soon I will have no room in my room for myself.


A little suffocated! Can that happen? Can you be a little suffocated, like Nearly Headless?


Pottermore! After not signing in for the longest time. In case you hadn’t heard, JK Rowling released a new story on Umbridge for Halloween, and I’m making it my Sunday mission to find it and read.

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