Month: September 2011

Birthdays / Relish at Ponte

I don’t like making plans on days near my birthday. Aside from being crippling-ly anti-social and misanthropic, I have realized that my birthday occurs around typhoon seasons. Generally, my birthday comes bearing gifts of Hours Of No Electricity. I’ve learned not to expect much from my birthdays, but I think this last one was pretty […]

Meiday/Hato Launch

in which i post photos of the meiday-arigato hato! ep launch. I’m not very good at social situations in general. I’m the kind of person who likes staying in to read and have movie marathons. I prefer dinner dates and stories shared over coffee to nights of dancing. I don’t know why, but these things […]

Another Sunny Afternoon

in which i tell you how much i like quiet days and good conversation. sort of. I get so excited and I’ve got nothing to regret It sure beats sitting, I know I’m stuck inside watching television Cold coffee and stale cigarettes — “Another Sunny Afternoon” by Nickel Eye I like laid-back days. The last […]