Month: April 2016

Marginalia Vol. 1

A collection of things I’ve saved from the past few weeks: — film recommendations — a free ticket to Les Misérables, thank you Tito P. — Chapter IX Bookstore. I went with Aldrin and Don after work and walked away with a collection of essays and a copy of a book I’ve already read. — […]

Politics & TV, Kind Of

Note: I started writing this on Monday, in case the first paragraph is confusing. Hello, this is all I have to say about this, on this blog, probably I’m about to go to work (after I take a shower) and I realized that even though my job requires the least amount of physical effort (commute […]

Oversharing No. 4: Lost and Found

In January, I feel like I was on a more obsessive quest to document everything, excited to “make something” out of what I had collected by the end of 2016. At the time, I had just almost wrapped up with Esquire Philippines, and was more or less free to do and go wherever I wanted […]

January 2016 in art shows & music

Sometimes things can be said without saying much, so here’s a little bit of my January, in as little words as possible— (This was supposed to be a fairly straightforward, “here’s what I did in January” but it turns out I have too much stuff to post about—JANUARY WAS SURPRISINGLY EVENTFUL?—so this ended up being […]