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10 Books to Read

Most of the time, achieving a goal requires an intentionality, and this is my attempt to regain my reading momentum for the year. Inspired by a video by MarionHoney, I listed 10 books I’d like to read as part of my 52-book goal this year. This is my usual target, and I haven’t been reaching […]

Letters to July

For most of the month, I’ve been watching this series of videos called Letters to July. In 2013, Emily (or emilieofnewgloom on YouTube) started this project, where she and a bunch of her YouTube friends make letters to July each day of the month. She did it again this year, and I loved watching a […]

Capsule Book Reviews No. 2: BookTubeAThon

Ho! I joined a YouTube challenge called the Book-Tube-A-Thon, which is the baby of a Readathon and BookTube, YouTube book vlogger community. This was mostly a failure on my part because a) I read just 4 books, and b) I didn’t even get to vlog for the entire duration because we lost power. And also […]