Month: May 2011

Back from BKK

It’s kind of a funny story. Roxy, Therese, Carina. Therese, Sarie. Roxy, Karen. I have been to Bangkok before. I always thought I’ve gone once before in my life, but various members of my family have been saying that I have actually been there twice already. I don’t know; I don’t remember. We don’t even […]


It’s Cinco de Mayo! So, naturally, I am hauling ass off to Bangkok. I will be back on the twelfth, so I don’t know, maybe you can email me if you need me. I wanted to put a queue on this thing so there’s some semblance of life during this week-long absence, but I got […]

Avant-Garde Silkscreen Sweatshop!

Part One: In which I tell you about most of it. Last weekend, I was a part of a three-day silkscreen workshop conducted by Bongoût (Berlin) and DAGC Gallery (which is located along Pasong Tamo Extension. I posted about their formal opening over here). I was going to be all profound and was planning on […]