My name is Carina Santos and I am a creative based in the Philippines. I am a Libra, an INFP, a Type Four, and a middle child. I have a fondness for mountains and One Direction, unabashedly. Okay, maybe a little abashedly.

I work as an artist, graphic designer, and writer. This is kind of where I live. You can see more of my visual work on my portfolio.
I write a column for Young Star called Quiet Company and am a Contributing Editor for Supreme, both of which are sections of The Philippine Star.

Selected Press:

Reindeer Games by Bea Ledesma for YStyle, 2011
Lost at E Minor, by Erin Emocling, 2012
— Chalk Magazine Bright Young Manila, 2012
Preview Creative It List, 2012
Lomography, by Mayee Gonzales, 2013
Badass Lady Creatives, 2014
Young Folks, New Strokes by Nash Tysmans for Young Star, 2014


About Nothing Spaces

Nothing Spaces started as a place to do more long-form blogging (vs. Tumblr reblogs/brain farts) and a place to document my process as I was working on my senior thesis for my undergraduate degree in 2009. It has evolved a lot from that, and I don’t actually end up writing about my thesis much.

Instead, it has housed travel stories, personal crises, casual thoughts on pop culture, mostly. I try to write a lot about Philippine art, too, but I’m by no means an expert. Just an occasional admirer who likes to make sense of things by writing about them.

This isn’t really a niche blog or anything like that. I’ve realized pretty early on that I’m a person, not a brand, and if I was a brand, I’d have no idea what that would be anyway. So, this is essentially a distilled version of most things that I think about that actually make their way to a post.

Feel free to send me an email or tweet me @presidents.

Nothing Spaces Press and Mentions:

— “Most Well-Rounded Blog,” Candy Magazine (March 2011)
Plus63.net (May 2011)
26 People You Might Not Be Following But Probably Should, Young Star (July 2012)
15 Blogs Worth Following, SPOT.ph (Jan 2013)
— Finalist, “Future Perfect Blog Award,” Globe #TattAwards (2013)

Other Projects

: some of the work I do
: design exercise on Phil. lit
The Yard: small online store with my sister
Softly Sometimes: a beauty blog