About Carina



My name is Carina, from the Philippines.

Just your standard navel-gazey excuse for personal ruminations disguised as insight, written and created by another girl lost in the world.

Moved to London for a research masters at Central Saint Martins. Stayed on to make candles.

This is kind of where I live.

I make stuff up: carina-santos.com
Contact: carina@carina-santos.com


About Nothing Spaces

Nothing Spaces started as a place to do more long-form blogging (vs. Tumblr reblogs/Twitter vomit) and a place to document my process as I was working on my senior thesis for my undergraduate degree in 2009. It has evolved a lot from that, and I don’t actually end up writing about my thesis very much.

To be honest, this blog isn’t about anything in particular. I guess you could call it my grossly revealing outlet. Anyway, hi. Feel free to send me an email or tweet me @presidents.

Selected Press, or stuff that makes me look like I’m important, probably:

Reindeer Games by Bea Ledesma for YStyle, 2011
Lost at E Minor, by Erin Emocling, 2012
— Chalk Magazine Bright Young Manila, 2012
Preview Creative It List, 2012
Lomography, by Mayee Gonzales, 2013
Badass Lady Creatives, 2014
Young Folks, New Strokes by Nash Tysmans for Young Star, 2014
Artist Carina Santos on Her Window Installation for HOODWINK by Marga Buenaventura for NOUS by Homme et Femme, 2014
Location, location, location by Karen Bolilia for GG, 2015
Flows Take Shape by Coco Quizon for YStyle, 2015
Natural Connection by Meg Manzano for Northern Living Magazine (Online), 2016
The New Shapeshifters: A Rogue Portfolio by Rogue and Trickie Lopa for Rogue Magazine, 2016
Wish You Were Here: Artist Carina Santos takes us to places both foreign and familiar by Jonty Cruz for Rogue, 2017
All in the Family: Art with the Santos Siblings by Aisha Anwar for Metro Society, 2019
Creative Questionnaire: “There should be a change in the system that gives value to cultural workers”, by Don Jaucian for CNN Philippines Life, 2020
Highs and Lows, by Daniella Austria for Kanto, 2021

Nothing Spaces press and mentions, or people still read blogs?!:

— “Most Well-Rounded Blog,” Candy Magazine (March 2011)
Plus63.net (May 2011)
26 People You Might Not Be Following But Probably Should, Young Star (July 2012)
15 Blogs Worth Following, SPOT.ph (Jan 2013)
— Finalist, “Future Perfect Blog Award,” Globe #TattAwards (2013)

Other Projects

: some of the work I do
The Yard: small online store with my sister
Softly Sometimes: a beauty blog