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Photograph by Gabby Cantero for Young Star

My name is Carina Santos and I am a creative based in the Philippines. I work as an artist, graphic designer, and writer. This is kind of where I live.

I am currently the Design Director for The Manila Review, and a Contributing Editor for Supreme, a Saturday Lifestyle section of The Philippine Star focused on pop culture and current events.

You can see more of my creative work on my portfolio.

I am an INFP, a Type Four, and a middle child.

Selected Press:
Reindeer Games by Bea Ledesma for YStyle, 2011
Lost at E Minor, written by Erin Emocling, 2012
— Chalk Magazine Bright Young Manila, 2012
— Preview Creative It List, 2012
Lomography, written by Mayee Gonzales, 2013
Badass Lady Creatives, 2014
Young Folks, New Strokes by Nash Tysmans for Young Star, 2014

Carina Santos - EWWS - Self

About Nothing Spaces
Nothing Spaces was founded in 2009 as means of my own cathartic release. Faced with the stress of my senior thesis for my undergraduate degree, I took to oversharing and it has since grown into a personal catalogue of adventures, and some missteps, of the creative life in Manila.

Written and documented from the perspective of a visual artist who loves travel, adventure, and the creative process, Nothing Spaces is a glimpse into my sometimes embarrassing life. It is an invitation to embrace the pile of good and bad things that come with being a person.

Nothing Spaces runs on the belief in pursuing The Good Life, what ever that may mean for you. For me, it means great food, creating meaningful discourse about art in all of its forms, and seeing the world.

Photograph by Everywhere We Shoot for Young Star

Nothing Spaces Press and Mentions:

— “Most Well-Rounded Blog,” Candy Magazine (March 2011)
Plus63.net (May 2011)
26 People You Might Not Be Following But Probably Should, Young Star (July 2012)
15 Blogs Worth Following, SPOT.ph (Jan 2013)
— Finalist, “Future Perfect Blog Award,” Globe #TattAwards (2013)

Feel free to send me an email or tweet me @presidents.

My Projects

The Manila Review


Maybe Very Happy

The Yard
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— Book Report: a book blog

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