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The Sunday Currently Vol. 32

Just a quick post before I get to work (on a Sunday, but it’s totally my fault).


Still at Jessica Hopper’s collection. I’m at the point where she starts talking about Bruce Springsteen a lot, which unfortunately is a very Americana, uninteresting concept to me, so I’ve re-picked up Lydia Davis’ short story collection, Can’t and Won’t, before sleeping last night.


I’m hoping to be a writing machine today. So, we’ll see.


Currently, I have Thursday’s Full Collapse on, which (in my opinion) holds up really well after all these years. I went on an emo spiral a couple of days ago, and my usual progression is Taking Back Sunday’s Tell All Your Friends, maybe Brand New’s Deja Entendu, and then Full Collapse.


I listened to Tell All Your Friends and Full Collapse pretty extensively in high school and I realize it might be because they were CDs I could buy locally, and the CDs were just Php 250 each—a full Php 200 cheaper than most other non-OPM albums.

I also found and revived an old iPod and found gems of playlists and realized I missed making those. Listened to a lot of Frightened Rabbit, Sorority Noise, and gave Nice As Fuck’s latest release.


Not watching right at the moment, but all time has been lost to trying to multi-task with The Americans on. I’m about 5 episodes from finishing season 2. I started watching this in honor of Emily Nussbaum’s Pulitzer win. I absolutely don’t regret it. Some of the cheesy aspects aside—which I obviously can and will roll with—the episodes are so consistent and even. I mean, if you have to pause and marvel at how great the pacing is… You know it’s a good show.

Anyway, what I like about it is that it doesn’t really fall into the trap of relying on senseless shock and drama to propel the story forward. But I guess if you’re telling a story on KGB agents who are masquerading as an American family, you’re bound to find lots of material for a good story.


The pointlessness (at least, on some level) of things and why I feel bad about it, when it used to make me feel relieved. Yun lang naman.


That I didn’t feel like staying home so much because I also really, really want to go out and go watch a gig or something. I was feeling a little sad about missing Pride yesterday, but also I had to do some work I’d been neglecting for a while. Again, my fault.


For the best, just hoping nothing happens, a thousand clever lines unread on clever napkins. /superfunny


I’m feeling quite ambivalent about most things right now. Like I’m enjoying a lot of things, etc. but to an extent that somehow falls short of love, I guess.


I kind of want to learn how to either play an instrument or a language or a life skill.


I don’t know. I feel very emotional for reasons I know I shouldn’t. Let’s leave it at that.


(mostly on my Pocket, which I have to get used to using)

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