Month: August 2015

The Sunday Currently Vol. 21

So, today, I woke up with a residual pounding headache that I got yesterday afternoon and suffered throughout all day yesterday. I chanced not drinking coffee until like 3pm and look where it got me! I took the most Advil I’d taken in a day in my life, and yet. The pain remained, waking me […]

Mix: August

Yet another confused mix from me to you. These are a lot of songs I listened to, leading up to August. It’s really confused, but. You know, I’m a little confused as a person, so it’s not all that surprising, I guess. LISTEN: Spotify I don’t have time to upload a zip file of the […]

(Late) Friday’s 10 Happy Things Vol. 6

So I thought about forgoing this week’s 10 Happy Things, because it’s late and a lot of 1D-related happy!things happened since I last updated. It felt a little “Oh no, not again!” But when you happy and you know it, make a post about it, yeah? * I also heard some shitty-ass news, so I […]