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(Late) Friday’s 10 Happy Things Vol. 6

So I thought about forgoing this week’s 10 Happy Things, because it’s late and a lot of 1D-related happy!things happened since I last updated. It felt a little “Oh no, not again!” But when you happy and you know it, make a post about it, yeah?

* I also heard some shitty-ass news, so I thought it would do my mental health some good if I tried to concentrate on the good things.

  1. Zayn signing on RCA’s roster of artists! I don’t have anything to say about this, except that if I hear “normal 22 year old” one more time, I just might choke someone.

    My brother saw my home screen (right) and made fun of me for it, so I clicked off my iPad and clicked it back on so I could show him my lock screen (left)
    Lock screen by tvventies, Home screen by coconutwishes

  2. One Direction’s new single “Drag Me Down” is bomb! They dropped it in the middle of the day here—when all of America was sleeping—and it was the fastest song to reach #1 on iTunes. They played it in Indianapolis, too! I like the song, but IDK if it’s because I like them and I’m like a proud mom when I hear each of them kill at their parts. Yes, my friends, I can differentiate their voices. That is how deep I have fallen into this hole.


    Listen on Spotify | Buy on iTunes

  3. Little Mix covers Jason Derulo on BBC Radio1’s Live Lounge. With a gospel choir. I posted about that the last time, but here’s the video, in case you missed it:
  4. Paper Towns, but mostly Nat Wolff. OK, so I really enjoyed watching the movie adaptation of Paper Towns. I remember not being sold on the book, mostly because Margo is a P.O.S. but I was so endeared by Q and friends in the film. I’m not a big fan of Cara Delevigne, like in general and she wasn’t amazing in the movie, but she was alright.
  5. MUJI PENS. No seriously, I’m toting a pencil case of them around (the house, har har) in an attempt to be more organized, and I love them a lot! I love that they’re refillable and available in our country and easy to get, and that the colors are colors I like.
  6. Chats with Isa, in which we figure out how to maneuver this weird-ass life. It’s nice to have a best friend, you know? Even ones that live in Alabang and Illinois.
  7. UnREAL. I have had the pilot onhand for the longest time, but I wasn’t sold on the premise of the show, even though Emily Nussbaum kept on tweeting about it, saying it’s amazing. Well, she’s right. My sister and I burned through 9 episodes, and although the subject matter and events aren’t particularly “happy,” I’m happy this show exists because it’s so damn good.
  8. Journaling + writing stuff by hand. I’ve been getting a lot of writing done because I’ve been writing them down instead of typing straight on the computer. It’s like double the time, but at least I’ve got something to work with!
  9. Check Please. Kainoa posted a super fucking cute panel of this comic and I couldn’t resist, so I asked where it was from. And I’m so glad. You guys, this is so great. It’s a hockey web comic where the protag is an ex-figure skater who vlogs and likes to bake, and finds himself on a college hockey team. IT’S SOOOO CUTE PLEASE READ IT.
  10. A Thing I Wrote About How Winning Isn’t the Endgame.


    I know it looks like I’m condoning mediocrity more times than is probably healthy, but the thing is: I’m mostly on the team that makes sure your mental health is intact. Mostly.

And that’s it. Oh, you know what makes me happy? Reading fic with the pretend!relationships that turn into real feelings trope. Gets me every time, it’s kind of gross.

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