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Jeff Koons: A Retrospective

If not for this retrospective by the Whitney Museum, my pedestrian familiarity with Jeff Koons would remain pedestrian. Although I suppose that’s what retrospectives are for. Prior to seeing the Jeff Koons Retrospective, the strongest image I had of him was tied to a balloon animal. I think he is probably one of the artists […]

New York in September via the MoMA

I always mean to post about my American exploits, but the thought of filtering through the images I’ve captured (so many) has halted me, and so here we are, three weeks in, and I’m trying to recall the first full day—a Saturday—we spent in New York City. Predictably, we spent most of it in a […]

A Postcard from New York

About a week or so ago, I received a postcard from one of my best friends, Barby, who decided rather abruptly that she was going to live in New York City. She worked briefly in retail before settling into a job and then another in her field of choice (Interior Design!) and is getting along […]