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Berlin, without return (and other stories)

I think my “sickness” largely has to do with me perpetually scared of leaving a detail out. Never mind that it’s probably a minute detail that won’t matter in the long run, or that it’s likely that nobody cares about the small detail, even though it always seems important to note, at the time. Anyway, […]

Dachau Memorial Site

in which we remembered The first thing you must know about München is that it is very green. There are parks everywhere. Unfortunately, I can’t show any pictures of that yet, because I decided to take just my film cameras when we walked around on that first day. The first available footage I have on […]

Schloss Nymphenburg

in which i wished for manila to have more parks My sister went on a study tour in Munich about a year and a half ago, so she planned a packed few days for us. After Dachau, we decided to visit Schloss Nymphenburg (or Nymphenburg Palace), which was a tram ride away from the city […]