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Life Lately No. 5

Been a while since my last post & my last Life Lately post… Is this what it feels like to be truly busy? Like, I know I keep saying I’m busyyyy, but I guess I was never really in a position of busy-ness that left little room for the Internet. I mean, could you imagine […]

Casual Consumption No. 8

Books OK, guys, I’m really stuck here. I can’t seem to get through Magic for Beginners. It took me like 2 months or something to get through the second story and once I got over that hump, I couldn’t really get into the third one. The first story, “The Faery Handbag,” was so, so good […]

The Mona Lisa Project at Solaire

The Mona Lisa Project has been on display at Solaire’s new wing since late November, but there was an Artists’ Night held on December 12—unfortunately, a Friday. A lot of artists and friends couldn’t make it, but then a lot were also able to, despite the unfathomable traffic. (Thank you, friends!) In case you’re unfamiliar, […]