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Three Things No. 1

Three things (but not the only things) I’ve been enjoying lately, shared in an effort to de-avalanche this collection of enjoyment that I want to share, and also that feels like an avalanche. If that makes sense. Think of these as a loose selection of recommendations, if it doesn’t.

Because that’s what it is, and that’s what I should have said in the first place. (Sorry.)

St. Vincent — “MassEducation” + at Cadogan Hall with Thomas Bartlett

A few weeks ago, St. Vincent released a “reimagining” of her album, released last year, Masseduction. MassEducation (which funnily enough was how I initially read the album’s original title) is a collection of stripped down renditions of Masseduction. It’s simpler than how I’m explaining it… but anyway, I love this version a lot, and I was able to witness it first during this gig that I still feel very lucky to have witnessed.

Basically, I was working about 40 hours a week during that period of summer, and I’d managed to get a ticket even though I was 180-something in the queue, and on the day of the concert, I shuttled into this beautiful, fairly small concert hall, downed two double-whiskey highballs because the bar was closing at seven, and Annie Clark was speaking so sweetly and Thomas Bartlett was playing the piano so beautifully, and honestly, it might be one of the best nights I’ve ever had here, even though my shoes were pinching my feet and I was watching this magical thing unfold before my eyes, alone, and I was bone-tired from being at work all day.

Basically, it was a time. Below are photographs I managed to sneak from all the way over at Row N, and also here are two videos: which I was happy I managed to take because Annie Clark is the most charming, and I don’t mind at all that she probably knows it.

Prince Johnny—

New York—

Photos by me, taken from a distance, because I had no choice, lol—


Vietnamese Irish Coffee (+ wearing outerwear indoors)

LOOK, it’s very cold ’round these parts right now, for some reason, and I am sadly reliant on various stimulants, i.e. caffeine and alcohol, to get me through the day. A sad reality, but no one cares. Anyway, this drink copped from this blog is basically hitting two birds with one stone, etc., and also I am basically eating condensed milk with a spoon, “so I don’t waste anything,” so that’s obviously another plus.


I watch a lot of television, and a lot of it is, truthfully, crap. HOWEVER, I am delighted to say that the latest one I mainlined is, for the most part, a winner. Homecoming is by Amazon (sorry, world) and was adapted from a podcast by Gimlet. It stars Julia Roberts (yes! Julia Roberts! On a T.V. show!) and it is, quite frankly, a joy to watch. It’s slow, but engaging, I thought. And the production’s use of the visuals is so good and makes so much sense, when interwoven with the narrative. I love it so much, I watch the credits. The music and the sound design are so good. It’s so thoughtful and considered and well-acted. I can watch them all day, basically. (And I pretty much did.)

ALSO, My Best Friend’s Wedding reunion? Yes, pls.