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The Sunday Currently Vol. 35


I have not been having luck in the reading department at all. I didn’t finish any books in February, but I’m hoping to remedy that once I get some deadlines out of the way.

I will say, though, that I still haven’t picked up Yanagihara’s A Little Life from where I left off (about halfway or so), and I just feel like a lot of the violence is so unnecessary. Of course, I could just be getting ahead of myself. Like, maybe there’s a lesson to be learned somewhere or a bigger reason for all of the bad shit put on paper. Or some statement. If there isn’t, well. I’m not sure I want to finish reading it, which is a shame because I do love the characters and the whole world building. And I know not everything needs to be a statement, but still.


I’ve gotten back to writing a bit more via CNN Philippines Life. I’ve been thinking about taking concrete steps to get better at writing. Specifically about art, I think, and maybe culture. But yes, enjoying flexing these muscles.


Last night, it was mostly Explosions in the Sky. This morning/afternoon, I had been listening to Douglas Adams’ The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, as read by Stephen Fry.


Catching up with Fresh Off the Boat season 3, Steven Universe season 4, and started The Good Place. Still not sure if I want to touch The 100 at the moment.


About how time is an illusion, but also how it’s also not.


I’m cooking a batch of veg soup for dinner + lunch for tomorrow, and I wish it finishes cooking so I can eat it.


I wake up early tomorrow and/or am a fully-functional person, since that’s felt like a rarity most days.


Blue everything + boxers with zebras in shades + no bra because freedom.


The act of moving, moving on.


Automatically being a more financially responsible individual. The resolve to do things when I say I’m going to do them. TO LEARN THAT TIME IS A CONSTRUCT BUT ALSO THAT I HAVE TO LIVE BY IT.


To find balance between productivity and Having a Good Time™ and also my soup.


Hungry??? Confused??? Like I’m not doing enough in my life???


I haven’t been reading a lot + I don’t remember any notable links I would like to share, at the moment, but Internet-wise, I’ve been watching a lot of old Just Between Us videos!

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