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Casual Consumption No. 15

The last C.C. was written in May! I’ve casually consumed so many things since then. We had a different president then? I’m a little alarmed? But also not? Ahem.

To be honest, this blog’s categories and series don’t really mean anything anymore, but I wanted to talk about some of my current obsessions. Even though it says “casual,” but um. Like I said, these don’t mean anything anymore. Go out of the box, etc. etc.

Also, I’m not going to backtrack… that’s not a smart thing 2 do.


My reading took a little ride in the backseat in January, since I was did a lot of traveling and moving around. And basically, I have found it really hard to focus on fiction, specifically, if I can’t really sit down and spend time on it. And also, if I’m trying to maximize my vacation days while working on the side.

The books I did manage to finish in January are Jhumpa Lahiri’s The Clothing of Books (technically an essay, and read as per Aldrin’s recommendation), Vivek Shraya’s even this page is white (poetry, as recommended by Leena), and Stephen Collins’ The Gigantic Beard That Was Evil (graphic novel, as recommended by Sanne, a long time ago).

Fun (I guess? Maybe?) notes on the books:

  • I was reading The Clothing of Books next to a girl reading Emma Cline’s The Girls (also on my list) on my flight from Newark to Chicago, and the flight attendant was like, “I love her! Is that new?” etc. and then proceeded to tell my seatmate that she didn’t enjoy/get The Girls, right as she was in the middle of it, lmao. I don’t know why I found that funny, but I do. Anyway, the book is great. 10/10 can relate, as both a book fiend and book cover fiend.
  • even this page was white, I saw at a bookstore in Chicago called Volumes, which also has a cafe. Essentially, I finished reading it there as I was passing the time before going to the Ben Gibbard/Julien Baker show. It’s quite good and deals primarily with racism and colonialism in Canada, but also in what I think is an intersectional way.
  • The Gigantic Beard That Was Evil was waiting for me when I finally made it home—I had ordered it before I left for the States. It’s very delightful and you’re endeared by it… even as you realize how sad it’s continuously getting as you read on. Beautiful art, and who can deny the pleasure of The Bangles?

Currently, I’m still in the middle of a couple of books from last year—bad habit, I know!—as well as Margaret Atwood’s The Handmaid’s Tale, Melissa Broder’s So Sad Today, and Michael Heald’s Goodbye to the Nervous Apprehension, which I got at a BEAUTIFUL bookstore in Chicago called Quimby’s.


For 2017, I’ve only seen 3 films so far, and that is only because I forced myself to watch them in-flight instead of just sleeping all the way through. I managed to watch Kubo and the Two Strings (which I think I would have appreciated more had I seen it on the big screen), The Secret Life of Pets (which was cute enough, I guess! But I kept imagining the voice actors for some reason), and on the way back home, Kimi no Na Wa, WHICH WAS ABSOLUTELY CAPTIVATING? It was so charming and funny and sad. And like Tara said, if you think about the mechanics of it too much, the story will fall apart (which is my biggest issue with time travel and like, the disruption of existing timelines), but even then, it’s so good.

So, yes, I suppose I did just see cartoons this year.


Um, yikes. I had to catch up with so much TV when I got home, so. I suppose I’ll just talk about my notables, and leave the bad choices buried in my shame. Just kidding. Sort of.

So, I’ve been surprisingly really enjoying this season’s Teen Wolf, for some reason? I would still like a bit more Scott, but I think after the (what felt like) extended Dread Doctors storyline, I was desperate for a change of setting, haha. I love the investigation into the power of memory, too, and how that tether sort of connects us all so strongly.

(gif from here)

I’m also really enjoying Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, which is honestly the biggest surprise for me, in general. It ticks off most of the boxes of things I’d be annoyed with, but I guess it shouldn’t be surprising, since Rachel Bloom made Fuck Me, Ray Bradbury. Supergirl has been a really feel-good series that I’ve been keeping close to my heart, especially with their, dare I say, masterful way of dealing with Alex Danvers’ coming out.

Other TV I’ve been watching: Timeless (enjoying, but again—time travel issues! The good thing is that the characters aware of the issues that meddling brings about, it seems like), Riverdale (extremely surprised by how much I enjoyed the pilot. Betty Cooper, especially, was a delight to see), A Series of Unfortunate Events (I’m still mad about Neil Patrick Harris, barf), America’s Next Top Model (really enjoying, sue me), The Magicians (enjoying with some trepidation! Also, I forgot how intense the last two episodes of the first season were), and Orange is the New Black (catching up, because reasons, and enjoying immensely).


Mostly still Julien Baker, but also a lot of Lucy Dacus! I don’t think I’ve mentioned her on here, but barring Julien’s Sprained Ankle (technically a 2015 release), Lucy Dacus’ No Burden was my favorite album of 2016.

Beauty Stuff

I experienced my first winter! My moisturizers onhand did a surprisingly good job: Aesop Camellia Nut Facial Hydrating Cream and & Other Stories Cashmere Hydrating Cream. And a big (huge!) round of applause for the Nuxe Rêve de Miel for keeping my lips from splitting. Mostly just used & Other Stories Cheek and Lip Tint in Swayback Plum and an eyeshadow by MAKE for my brows. And didn’t bother with much else for the majority of the trip. I was so happy with my moisturizer, I think??

Websites, etc.

A handful of websites I’ve been enjoying: The Establishment, Femsplain, Hooligan Mag, and Matter, among others.

That’s all for now. See you in six months, haha.