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The Sunday Currently Vol. 29


I’ve been reading a lot of comics (let me know if you want to hear about them?) but my main point of concern currently is Patricia Highsmith’s The Price of Salt upon which Carol was based. It’s really, really beautiful; I’ve just been very distracted so it’s a little slow going.


Some fiction, some… I don’t know. Introspection. Some ideas. Just some things.


I’ve been on an intense Okkervil River kick that started today. “Okkervil River RIP,” off their forthcoming album, Away, is so, so, so gorgeous:

Other than that, I’ve been preoccupied with Wolf Parade’s Apologies to the Queen Mary (ofc) and their new EP, EP 4:

Also been listening to a lot of Brand New (Deja Entendu is always, as Jamie has said) and The National (happy ninth birthday, Boxer—you know I dreamed about you, for twenty-nine years, before I saw you)!


You know when you’ve thought so much about stuff that you’ve ceased to make delineations or like, sense… so when someone asks you “What are you thinking?” you can’t seem to give a decent answer. So, that. Also, a lot about drugs, and addiction, and compassion, and empathy… And music, and death, and responsibility, and perspective. Just. It’s been a lot.


For motivation and bravery and patience.


I don’t get sick this week? My body is breaking down, I swear.




I want to eat better, and to learn how to take care of myself instead of relying on other people.


Um, to figure out how to do the above ^^ want.


Not quite as filled with dread as I had been feeling.


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