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MIX: Which Direction?

A little disclaimer:

These aren’t necessarily my favorite One Direction songs. A lot of my favorites are the super poppy ones, some are the kinda Eurotrashy ones, but I tried to think of radio-friendly ones that haven’t gotten a lot of airplay, necessarily. So there’s no “No Control,” “What Makes You Beautiful,” “Live While We’re Young,” “Story of My Life” or “Night Changes” here. I also cut a few out that I still like, since I tried to keep it under an hour, because who has the time?

I also segregated the songs by album (see below) and if you liked this enough to listen to more songs, please feel free to ask me which ones I really, really, really like but couldn’t put on here because reasons.


All you need is Spotify and an open mind

Listen: Spotify

I’ll also put the embed code under the cut and talk about a few of the songs I’ve included, if you don’t think you can commit to a whole 17 track list, haha.

My must listens are “Fireproof” (v. underrated song that I love to death and then back and then to death again), “Happily,” “Through the Dark” (which is v. personal to me), “Drag Me Down” (because it’s their most recent sound), “You & I,” “18,” and “Best Song Ever,” but this one’s funner to watch, tbh.

They also have really nice covers and b-sides that aren’t on Spotify. Anyway! I tried. I know that probably no one will agree with this list, lol, but to be fair, I love a lot of One Direction songs that I left out. I was talking to my sister the other day and we both agreed that you kind of get used to the songs and can’t quite tell if you love them because they’re good or if they just grow on you.

In any case, I’m always happy to talk about One Direction and their songs, so leave a comment if you want to gush or whatever. Here’s the embedded playlist, if you don’t want to open up Spotify:

Honestly, for May to most of July, One Direction was pretty much the only thing I could listen to for hours whenever I needed to work, work out, etc. Surprising, but no less true.