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Friday’s 10 Happy Things No. 3

Another Friday, another list. I didn’t get to make one for last week because I was at the beach.

  1. Freshly shorn hair especially when you do it yourself so it costs nothing. x
  2. Dinner with high school friends, Pam, Tata, and Apple — I know it’s not the case for everyone, but I honestly had awesome friends in high school, that the only thing that made it shitty was my dumb decisions and weird feelings. Anyway, dinner. We don’t have a photo, and we all had salads because Apple is getting married next month (!!!) and is on a diet we all kind of ended up eating salad, too. Tata and I hung out at her place for a bit, and it was really, really nice.
  3. This garbage tweet from Ryan Reynolds — except I feel the same way.
  4. fridayhappythings-3a
  5. Bernie Pacquing’s Half Full, which I want to visit again so I can take proper photos.
  6. Fondant. We’ve been slowly picking at my sister’s birthday cake, which was made in the likeness of Orthanc, and I have been in a fondant-induced (happy) stupor.
  7. My lil commentary this week on Ingrid Nilsen. I would like to challenge myself to actually have something ready to publish each week.
  8. Channing Tatum’s Reddit AMA, which you can read over here. He is a precious gem of a man.
  9. 100 Reasons Why “Ignition – Remix” Is So Damned Great, written 12 years ago by John Darnielle (of Mountain Goats fame) and co. And still relevant today, amen.
  10. RUNNING. Can you believe it? I ran a pretty intense session the day before my period and the next day, I had 0 cramps. I usually have crippling pain all throughout my first day, but this time, nada. I felt so happy, you guys have no clue.
  11. The Radio 1 Breakfast Show with Nick Grimshaw! I managed to figure out how to livestream (not as hard as I thought, phew) and what time it’s on in this country. This is where I stream from. I’ve honestly almost forgotten how to radio.

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That’s all! I shall get things done now. Hopefully. Wish me luck!