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Project Life: January 2015

As promised, Project Life spreads! I wanted to finish all my 2014 travel posts before sharing my 2014 PL album, so here’s a look at January 2015. :) I was going to post a Jan-Feb one, but it turns out that I have way too many photos, and I have some unfinished pages from February that I forgot about! Anyway, I hope you enjoy this!

I’m doing a Weekly Project Life scheme this year, though it’s proving to be a little difficult as my life events are really erratic. Some weeks are super fun + have tons of stuff going on. Other weeks, it’s just me & my dog & my house + sometimes family. One thing I wanted to note is that I do go over one spread if I have a lot of photos for that week.

Like I said in my first Project Life post, I’ve been using an 6×8″ album by Simple Stories, purchased through Life Documented Manila. The included page protectors are not nearly enough to fill the album, so I’ve ordered an assortment of them. I don’t like staying with one layout, though I suppose that’s easiest.

Hi, 2015


This is the cover. It’s a big photo of the blurry woods in MA, USA that I used as a placeholder in one of my collages. Instead of discarding it, I used it for this spread. I added the “Twenty Fifteen” transparency from Studio Calico as an afterthought, but I’m not sure if I like it there!


This next spread is an introduction + a brief explanation of my game plan this year. The color scheme is very cool-toned with random pops of red.

Stuff I used in this layout: journaling cards from Studio Calico, Becky Higgins/Project Life, and Christine Herrin for Kelly Purkey, origami paper, index cards, stamps, a Dymo label, and a piece of flair from ChxKP.

This is one of my favorite page protector styles. It holds 4 3×4-inch cards or photos.


The stamp of my face was a Christmas gift from my friend, Therese. :)

Week 1


This was like three days worth of photos and information. I did manage to post about this weekend on this blog, here.

There are minimal embellishments: just Dymo labels, washi tape, journaling cards from the Project Life Midnight Core Kit, and stamps from Ch x Kelly Purkey.

Week 2


I used two types of page protectors: 1 with 4 3×4 pockets and 1 with 1 2×8 and 2 4×4 pockets. I also punched through an exhibit invite to one of my favorite shows this year, Oca Villamiel’s Mga Damong Ligaw at Light + Space Contemporary.


Stuff I used in this layout: Pentel brush pen, journaling cards from PL Midnight and Seafoam Core Kits and Ch x Kelly Purkey, Dymo labels, random paper ephemera, an Instax photo, and chipboard hearts, stickers, and a banner label from Studio Calico.


I love doing 4×4 collages of my Instagram photos for this kind of page protector. These are quick snaps of my week: said goodbye to Barby, what I’m reading, fixing up my portfolio.

Week 3


This was mostly from the weekend, because I didn’t do anything else the days before. I think this was the time the Pope flew into Manila so it was kind of crazy to attempt going outside. I went to a show at Blanc Gallery: Louie Cordero’s, Jordyn Isip’s, and Melted City 2.

Stuff I used in this layout: Dymo labels, alpha stickers, vellum sticker, and enamel dots from Studio Calico, stamp from Ch x Kelly Purkey, journaling card from PL Midnight Core Kit, and a wallpaper I filched from Cocorrina.

Noah Insert

2015-Noah Insert

Because I love this little doof!

Stuff I used in this layout: journaling cards from PL Midnight Core Kit, stamps and flair from Ch x Kelly Purkey, Pentel brush pen, Instax photo, washi tape, Dymo labels.

Week 4, Spread 1


This was a crazy week and I went overboard! But these are some of my favorite layouts, before I went embellishment crazy (huhu) as you will see in my next installment with the Feb spreads. We went to the Met and Finale, then I met up with Pau and Kris. Then I slept over at Isa’s house with Beng and Sarie.

Stuff I used in this layout: Dymo labels, stamps from Ch x Kelly Purkey, journaling cards from PL Midnight and Seafoam Core Kits, Fuji Instax photo, alpha stickers and a banner label from Studio Calico, and a ticket from the day.

Week 4, Spread 2


I love this spread. I think this has a good balance of photos + text + journaling, etc.

Stuff I used in this layout: found pattern paper, stamps & journaling cards from Ch x Kelly Purkey, journaling cards from PL Midnight Core Kit, Dymo label, vellum alpha and enamel dots from Studio Calico, origami paper.


I made my sister stand by some plants, lol. This card is from a brochure by EDSA BDG/#YKW brewers. I journaled directly onto the card!

Week 5, Spread 1


This week is the week I started to feel meh about the year (lol so early, right?) and my Project Life spreads. I kind of talk about it a bit in these spreads. It’s kinda nice to be able to pinpoint when you start feeling UGH, so it’s easier to evaluate your life.

I went to a few exhibits: Fernando Modesto at Mo_ and Eric Zamuco at Ateneo Art Gallery, and I went to a talk on LGBT literature at Ateneo.

Stuff I used in this layout: alpha stickers, banner stickers, enamel dots, chipboard sentiments, plastic stars, paper labels all from Studio Calico, journaling card from PL Midnight Core Kit, Dymo label, and Ch x Kelly Purkey stamps.

Week 5, Page 2 + a peek at Week 6

2015-Week05-b, Week06-a

The photo on the top left is of a short interview I did with Liz Uy. On the top right is a funny Skype screencap with Sarie, and the bottom two cards are for Jacob, Noah’s dad, who passed away on the 31st. The photo is of Jacob and Nona, and Noah and Beng in Baguio last year. I miss him.

Stuff used in this layout: journaling cards, alpha, chipboard embellishments, stickers from Studio Calico.

The next page is the start of the month of February, so I’ll save that for next time. Anyway, this ended up being longer than I thought. I think I’ll just do a weekly update after my February spreads. Thoughts? :)