Month: December 2014

Art Institute of Chicago

The Art Institute of Chicago

I was going to post about the States trip in order… but then I forgot about our little side trip to Boston/MA. So here, have a slice of Chicago first. I actually spent a part of my birthday on a plane from NY/NJ to Chicago, so I was pooped and cranky even though we had […]


The Sunday Currently Vol. 7

We got two Balikbayan boxes filled with stuff we bought on our last trip (mostly books, food, hard-to-bring-home things) and I think it’s kind of fitting/sad that I still haven’t gone through the rest of the trip. If you’re still following that um, series, I guess I should say what else I’m working on. I […]

I Love New York

New York, New York

& Some Thoughts on the City That Never Sleeps I’ve been meaning to write this post for the past few months, and the fact that it took me so long is proof (for me) of how mystical New York still is in my brain. I know that a lot of people are disenchanted with it […]

Casual Consumption No. 8

Books OK, guys, I’m really stuck here. I can’t seem to get through Magic for Beginners. It took me like 2 months or something to get through the second story and once I got over that hump, I couldn’t really get into the third one. The first story, “The Faery Handbag,” was so, so good […]