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The Sunday Currently Vol. 4

You know the drill. Past volumes (ha) of The Sunday Currently can be found here.


I scored a copy of the latest installment in the very-long Percy Jackson universe, The Blood of Olympus. I can’t help it; I’ve been hooked ever since I started reading the series. This is the type of YA/intermediate fiction that’s really geared for not-quite-young-adults, but it’s something I enjoy reading. I haven’t started on this yet, but I might crack it open tonight.

Other than that, I’m still working on Kelly Link’s Magic for Beginners.


Apart from this list, I am mostly brainstorming. I don’t know, you guys. I think I lost my mojo.


I’ve been listening to a bit of Yo La Tengo. Also, does this song sound familiar to you?


Money-making schemes. Just kidding! I’m mostly thinking about the deadlines that I forgot I had. And how stressful social events are (and planning! And scheduling!) for someone like me. Such a stupid problem, I know.

Speaking of stupidity, I wiped clean my memory card filled with Korean photos by accident. So there’s that.


The soap I used tonight, which was the Migabee Honey Pureberry Oilsoap–one of my favorite post-bath smells.


For a data retriever that doesn’t crash every time I try to use it.


I get a better grasp of my time… I know I shouldn’t “hope” this, and that I should actually just work on stuff on time, but you know, it doesn’t hurt to hope, too.


Uniqlo ringer tee, boxers with roosters on them that Sarie gave me.


Tea! I love you, coffee, but I get some of my hot-drink fixes during the day from tea so that I don’t have to ingest unnecessary sugar. I’ve got my eye on a holiday set from TWG, but I am also a plebe, so I passed on it. For now.


OK, so I know I said I was a plebe, but Barneys Warehouse is ON SALE (yes—clearance items on sale) but my credit card won’t go through! I am so mad, because this is probably my only chance at getting Helmut Lang origami pants.


Proper time management. And also Advil because period cramps are a bitch.


SO NOT IN THE MOOD FOR YOU, PERIOD. I am also strongly feeling the need for speed; that is, I should probably go get my license, STAT.


Open in a tab is Arriane’s post on “peg” culture and how she wants to avoid it. I haven’t read through it yet but—YES.

Hope your Sunday was (is?) great.

The Sunday Currently originator. Header photo was taken by Sarie in Seoul, Korea.