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The Sunday Currently Vol. 1

Again, another attempt at keeping up with a series. I kept seeing this on Helga’s and Camie’s, so I thought I’d jump in on it, too. The link-up link can be found down below! I think these are simple, nice updates that are easy enough to do. So, here goes!


I’m currently re-reading Harry Potter & the Sorceror’s Stone by You Know Who, and it’s been nice so far. I’m looking to cross off a few books on my To Be Read pile before I leave, but I’m not sure if that’s feasible. I also bought the latest issues of Grid, Esquire Philippines, and Preview, so those are some of my reading material at the moment.

Also, I managed to snag a copy of Allan Balisi’s newest zine, Before Us, Nothing Existed Here, which is b e a u t i f u l.


I have a few “pending” articles I want to roll out before leaving, again, but I’m not working on them right now.


Ang Bandang Shirley, forever and ever. I just came from the video launch for “Nakauwi Na” last night. Congratulations Shirley, Sarie, and the Seabiscuit team!


Deadlines, packing, and plans for the immediate future.


Commodity Moss, which I wore today!


More time, always.


I get everything done in time.


Pantulog and weird makeup experiment this beautiful Sunday night/Monday morning.


Wearing weird makeup experiments outside the house. All the new Ultra Stretch Jeans from Uniqlo because I’ve got a butt that just won’t quit. And this butt needs some stretch, always.


A magic spell to clean my room up because it looks like a crime scene, currently.


To stop making excuses! Get your shit together, Carina!


Stuck but motivated, which is a start. So I guess, optimistic, too.


Catching up on yesterday’s issue of Supreme, and my tab is currently opened to Don’s “Human Nature

The Sunday Currently Link-Up

Photograph is a work by Kiri Dalena called “Liar!” which I photographed today, when I visited What does it all matter, as long as the wounds fit the arrows?, a tribute to Roberto Chabet at CCP, on display until October 26.