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Global Pinoy Bazaar 2014


I know this was like a week and a half ago, but I just wanted to share how much fun I had with Sarie, going around the Global Pinoy Bazaar. Our friend Daniela was part (holla Common Ware, holla Fellow!) and we figured we’d stop by to see what else was up for sale.

We saw a lot of cool things, but I was there specifically for traditional woven goods, food, and skin care. Specifically, I was looking for jojoba oil. It sounds ridiculous, but it’s true! Anyway, we went around first to kind of assess the situation and decide later what we wanted to buy. This was a good plan, in that we didn’t get buyer’s remorse. This was a terrible plan, in that we forgot to buy some things we had our eye on. Win some, lose some, I guess!


One of my favorite purchases was this bag from a new brand called Northloom. They don’t have much of an online presence, but it’s run by Dindo, an ex-ad guy and Ilocos native. He uses traditional Binakul textile, handwoven by women from Paoay and Sarrat, Ilocos Norte for his bags, which are handcrafted by women from Krus na Ligas, Quezon City. What surprised Sarie and I was the affordability of the items. This is a beautiful tote I got for only Php 855:

Another favorite stop for me was Nipa Foods, which was where I discovered Palapa, aka my new favorite condiment of all time. Palapa is a traditional Maranaoan condiment made of indigenous scallions, ginger, coconut, and chili that they usually mix with rice. I finished my bottle up and ate it with chips and meals. D: Good thing they deliver!


I was also able to taste a mead they made from honey made by bees that pollinated sunflowers. :) Most of my other purchases were soaps. I got two small bars, Green Clay and Coconut Lime, from this nice store called Remedy, and then I unwittingly bought some bars of soap made from emu oil, which I didn’t even realize was extracted from dead emus. I don’t even want to use them anymore, but they were expensive, so it’s more of a waste if I don’t.

Other Stuff I Got: Theo & Philo chocolate (Adobo, Calamansi, Ginger & Mint), Cacao nibs, a Yoda stamp from Beng.

All in all, I had a great time there. I wish I was able to go around more and explore, even if we already walked around the whole tent several times. There’s just always something that’s interesting to look at and maybe buy. I kind of wish that we didn’t need bazaars like this one to actively support local goods. It’s just really hard when they are scattered all over the country or don’t even have information up online about purchasing the goods.

What was good about it, though, is that I was able to physically see just how many great things are available locally. I honestly wanted to buy so many things, but I was keeping myself from hoarding. Notebooks, especially. Looking at you, The Sunday Paper!


I saw Smile! My college blockmate who I miss a lot :D

I also got to meet Mansy (finally!) of Hey Kessy. :)

And saw some Anthill Fabric goods in the flesh!

Then, of course, we kept running into Phoebe, here. Even when we drove all the way to Glorietta from World Trade Center. (Well, Sarie drove. Haha.)

Garapata and a swanget me.

Anyway, I had a great time. I can’t wait for the next one… I hope there’s a next one? I definitely want to check out some more stalls, and I’m scrambling to find a way to purchase them online, because that is what us spoilt online shoppers are wont to do.

Did you go to the bazaar? What did you end up getting? Anything great that I missed out on?