Month: April 2014

Tokyo, Briefly: Part II

Two travel posts in a row? Pat me on the back, and thank the smart-alecky anon who asked if s/he was going to wait another year for these photos to resurface. Joke’s on you! If you missed the first part of this Tokyo segment, click here. Ahem. And on the third day, we walked ourselves […]

Tokyo, Briefly: Part I

I’m not feeling particularly chatty these days, so I hope these photos will be enough. “Enough” for what, I’m not sure. I traveled to Japan again in the last few days of March, right before the sakura started to bloom, this time with my family. We managed to find a few beautiful trees that were […]

March 2014 Favorites

So, this is something that I’m trying to do more consistently, too. Just because sharing is caring, and it’s nice to see what you ended up loving so much at one point in your life. I haven’t been reading much, but I re-devoured Neil Gaiman’s The Sandman series, which I loaded onto my iPad. I’ve […]

Be Courageous: #30BraveDays

When I was in high school, I was part of a group of girls who met up and talked about God and general self-improvement with a Christian leaning. I mention this now because one thing that my group leader (kind of like our mentor) said that stuck to me was that to make something a […]