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2014 Photo Diary No. 1: January, so far

This year, I’ve decided to be more deliberate in documenting ideas, goings-on, and other such things, so here’s a mishmash of things that have happened these past few days.

Breakfast with Isa
January 2014: Me & Isa
January 2014: Breakfast

Photos with the Santos side of the family

Working on a show I have in February
January 2014: WIP

A meeting that ended with a sunset, quite close to the clouds

Sitting beside this little guy at home

For a lot of people, January is always sort of an uncloaking of all the bad that had happened the past year. It pains me to admit that I am one of those people. I don’t necessarily believe that everything can wash away with the turning of a calendar page, but it does feel different and lighter, like maybe how your clothes feel after a cycle in the wash.

A Glittering

by Sarah Manguso

One mourner says if I can just get through this year as if salvation comes in January.

Slow dance of suicides into the earth:

I see no proof there is anything else. I keep my obituary current but believe that good times are right around the corner.

A great sculpture can roll down a hill without breaking, Michelangelo is believed to have said. To determine the essential parts of a sculpture, roll it down a hill. The inessential parts will break off.

The hill, that graveyard of the inessential, is discovered by the hopeless and mistaken for the world just before they mistake themselves for David’s white arms.

They are wrong. But to assume oneself essential is also wrong: a conundrum.

To be neither essential nor inessential—not to exist except as an object of someone’s belief, like the good times lying right around the corner—is the only possibility.

Nothing, nobody matters.

And yet the world is full of love…

Also, if anyone cares, I am doing Long-Awaited Reads Month, in which I focus my reading energies on some of the books that I’ve been wanting to read but haven’t gotten around to.

I also posted Beauty Goals and Resolutions for 2014 on my beauty blog.