Month: September 2011

West Gallery: September 13.

I like it when my parents’ gallery opens exhibits. Aside from the obvious reasons (e.g. convenience, relentless bias), it’s always enjoyable because there are usually four shows up for display and consumption. Last Tuesday, four amazing artists—Mark Andy Garcia, Jigger Cruz, Dexter Fernandez, and Bjorn Calleja—had their works up! And I was pretty excited. My […]

9/11: What about a teakettle?

ON REMEMBERING & FORGETTING. This photograph is of the last (and probably only) time I’ve ever been to New York City’s famed Twin Towers. It was 1999 and the only thing I remember was how strong the wind was and how big the world seemed to be from all the way up there. The next […]

Roberto Chabet’s “Works on Paper”

What to do with a good head on some shoulders? The face you are now seeing is that of Lauren Hutton (shot by Irivng Penn in 1960) and is the “base” for Roberto Chabet’s Head Series, on display at Galleria Duemila currently. Works on Paper is comprised of several pieces from the Head Series spanning […]


in which my obsessive consumption of popular culture is merged with meager insights. One day, Bia posted this on my best friend’s Facebook wall, and tagged me. And I watched Sarah Kay, over and over, as she performed two beautiful poems. In between, she talks about how she got started doing performance art, and how […]