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A Status Update for the Marginally Interested

in which i overshare—even when nobody is asking me to.


My desk is kind of a mess. It’s partly why I hate working on it. This is what it looks like on a good day (which means, I sort of tidied it up before dust bunnies and invisible bugs started attacking my eyeballs). I’m kind of sick of it being so messy, but I don’t quite know how to keep it clutter-free.


For future plans! I have Two Big Things coming up concerning these half-books. I had four pieces up during Manilart, all of which went to nice homes. Trickie Lopa, who writes about art for Rogue and on her blog, Manila Art Blogger, briefly wrote about them! I’m not going to put a trackback because I’m shy, heh, so here, have a screencap:

I can’t get over it. Sometimes, I think about how awesome it would be if I could just keep on doing this forever and stop worrying about the future. Alas. I’m not delusional, though. I’m super grateful about the projects I do have, and all of the awesome clients I’ve been blessed with. Sometimes, I think it’s too good to be true, and other times I feel down because I’m not where I want to be yet. Those are just bad spells, though, and I try to work past them.

I think I’m just lucky I have enough time to read in between everything that I do. I’m currently in the middle of—I kid you not—over twelve books. Here are two:

I learned about “Anagrams” from Sasha’s book-flailing. It’s pretty good. I don’t think I’m as immersed in it as I should be, but I’m about halfway done. And, “Boy Meets Boy,” well— I’ve always just wanted to read that.

More good news on the book front: I found a new shelf for the rest of my books!


I just shoved my makeup stuff into a cabinet and called it a day.