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A Venetian Sunset

in which these pictures are accompanied by an accordion in my head Lomography LC-A+, Fuji Natura 1000 On our first afternoon in Venice, we walked around the Jewish ghetto and the surrounding areas. Cut short by the rain, our exploration ended at a quaint coffee shop (which turned out to be a chain), where I […]

9/11: What about a teakettle?

ON REMEMBERING & FORGETTING. This photograph is of the last (and probably only) time I’ve ever been to New York City’s famed Twin Towers. It was 1999 and the only thing I remember was how strong the wind was and how big the world seemed to be from all the way up there. The next […]

Feeling a Little Like an Itsy-Bitsy Spider

Currently raining cats & dogs, except there aren’t really any cats & dogs, just the usage of a tired, old expression that everybody understands but no one really uses. Kurt Vonnegut books I was planning on photoreplying to Zet’s Tumblr post. A favorite passage from “Wonder Boys.” I actually really like rainy days, especially if […]