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Casual Consumption No. 5

A photo posted by Carina Santos (@presidents) on Sep 9, 2014 at 6:08pm PDT Books According to my GoodReads account (let’s be friends!), I have finished quite a few books since I last a Casual Consumption update posted weeks (months?) ago. Most notable was John Williams’ Stoner, a book that has been recommended to me enough […]

Wanderland 2014

Just a quick post on Wanderland, the music festival that happened on May 17th. I had no intentions of going, but changed my mind because I wanted to see The Drums again! I saw them in 2012 for Laneway and it made me such a big fan of theirs. I actually got to do a […]

A Musical Experiment

in which i excuse my annoyingness using the guise of an ‘experiment.’ While nursing my post-Laneway depression, I started listening to The Drums a lot and came face to face with the animosity that surrounds what I understand to be The Drums’ first single off of Portamento. “Money” is, in my opinion, an infectious, dangerously […]

Laneway Singapore 2012

in which i don’t have any money (but it’s okay, because i’m quite happy) The Traveling Music Bug bit me in 2010, when my brother and I decided to go to Singapore for the Vampire Weekend concert. We went again in 2011 for The National. It’s not the first time we’ve flown to satiate the […]