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Project Life: January 2015

As promised, Project Life spreads! I wanted to finish all my 2014 travel posts before sharing my 2014 PL album, so here’s a look at January 2015. :) I was going to post a Jan-Feb one, but it turns out that I have way too many photos, and I have some unfinished pages from February […]

What is Project Life?

I’ve been working on a post on Project Life since starting out in December 2014, but I never got around to finishing it because it always ended up being too long. I figured I’d split them into parts (if anyone wants me to expound on anything, that is) and just begin from the beginning.

The Sunday Currently Vol. 9

Yaaas, I made it before 12mn! For New Years, I think I should work on my a) expectations, b) scheduling skills… because I don’t have any. Does it make me optimistic to actually believe I can squeeze in x amount of tasks in a day, or is that just self-sabotage at work? You tell me!