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Fotosemana Manila, 2015

I went to the launch party of Thousandfold + Fotosemana Manila, “a micro festival of contemporary photography,” last Monday. I was covering it for Young Star, but my thing didn’t make it to print, so I thought I’d post it here instead: Last Monday, as the afternoon was settling into night, groups of people piled […]

How I Edit My Photos

Some of the most FAQs I get concern camera equipment and editing, so here’s a quick post on how I personally edit my photographs. Disclaimer: It’s not really a tutorial; I’m not a professional. Obviously. This is just a… sort of “share what you know” kind of post. I currently use a Nikon D5100. My […]

London Calling

My entire blog was deleted in June 2014, and I’ve been reuploading old posts. This is a republished post from May 2014. I was never really particularly drawn to London as a place, and I can’t figure out why. Here are some snaps of the final leg of our 2012 trip. I guess this kind […]

One Day in Kyoto

My folks originally just wanted to go to Tokyo and Osaka, but we managed to convince them that Kyoto was worth a visit. We wanted to squeeze in Nara, too, but that wouldn’t leave much time for Osaka exploring anymore. In any case, these are the photos from Kyoto on our full day there. We […]

Tokyo, Briefly: Part I

I’m not feeling particularly chatty these days, so I hope these photos will be enough. “Enough” for what, I’m not sure. I traveled to Japan again in the last few days of March, right before the sakura started to bloom, this time with my family. We managed to find a few beautiful trees that were […]