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Lunch on the Met steps, Sorta

(Not really.) The visit to the Met(ropolitan Museum of Art) was, predictably, pretty frustrating. It’s the one museum staple (ha!) that always leaves me a little underwhelmed. I think it’s an effect of me being bogged down by the volume of their collection that has everything—from Native American to African to Egyptian to Greek, etc. […]

Chelsea, Part II & SoHo

Here’s part 2 of Chelsea! Part 1 can be found here. Ahem. So, the day after, we went back to Chelsea to see some galleries we missed the first time around. We went to some other places before that, though. The last time we were in New York, this monument didn’t exist yet, so what […]

Jeff Koons: A Retrospective

If not for this retrospective by the Whitney Museum, my pedestrian familiarity with Jeff Koons would remain pedestrian. Although I suppose that’s what retrospectives are for. Prior to seeing the Jeff Koons Retrospective, the strongest image I had of him was tied to a balloon animal. I think he is probably one of the artists […]