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Blanc Gallery

November Shows at Blanc

I was going to work my way backwards, but then I figured that it might be better to just post this first, since the other shows I have photos of in my back log are over already anyway. Makes little difference if I post this up first! On November 15, three solo shows opened at […]

On Gathered Narratives

I realized that I never even wrote about Gathered Narratives, the group show I had in June with my… um, family. It wrapped up on the 5th, so it’s not like you can still see it, but I’ve always been kind of persistent with documenting things, even if they memories come a little bit (or […]

First of July:

I don’t know why it feels a little weird updating here. Honestly, it doesn’t feel the same! But I still want to post stuff, because not posting feels even stranger. So, I kicked off the month with actual progress on my (secret) monthly goals. They are not actually secret goals; it’s just a list that […]

West Gallery, November 6-25, 2013

A new show has been mounted at West Gallery, so I thought it was about time that I posted about the shows that came before that. I will actually be gradually making my way through all of my photos—of which there are a lot—and even though you can’t really visit the shows themselves anymore, I […]