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Life Lately

We’re two days into the third month of the year, which has thus far been pretty exciting for me. As usual, I have some woes about the future—but what person in their 20s doesn’t have them occasionally? This is the general theme of my life: panic and anxiety, punctuated with a few welcome moments of […]

On Gathered Narratives

I realized that I never even wrote about Gathered Narratives, the group show I had in June with my… um, family. It wrapped up on the 5th, so it’s not like you can still see it, but I’ve always been kind of persistent with documenting things, even if they memories come a little bit (or […]

West Gallery, November 6-25, 2013

A new show has been mounted at West Gallery, so I thought it was about time that I posted about the shows that came before that. I will actually be gradually making my way through all of my photos—of which there are a lot—and even though you can’t really visit the shows themselves anymore, I […]