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Green leafy Tuesday

Well, technically it’s a Wednesday, but only a few minutes in, so. Anyway, as I was writing this post and gathering photographic evidence of the past few days, I realized another reason why I probably feel so lacking in stuff to blog about. Immediate posting on social media took over! Like, if you already follow […]

2015 Resolutions


Happy new year, whoever you are reading this! I’ve been trying to think of what kind of resolutions I’ll be making for 2015, or even the format they will take, and I think that I finally managed to think of something that works for me. I’ve been watching a lot of planning videos (sue me) […]

2014 Photo Diary No. 1: January, so far

This year, I’ve decided to be more deliberate in documenting ideas, goings-on, and other such things, so here’s a mishmash of things that have happened these past few days. Breakfast with Isa Photos with the Santos side of the family Working on a show I have in February A meeting that ended with a sunset, […]

A Postcard from New York

About a week or so ago, I received a postcard from one of my best friends, Barby, who decided rather abruptly that she was going to live in New York City. She worked briefly in retail before settling into a job and then another in her field of choice (Interior Design!) and is getting along […]

Birthdays / Relish at Ponte

I don’t like making plans on days near my birthday. Aside from being crippling-ly anti-social and misanthropic, I have realized that my birthday occurs around typhoon seasons. Generally, my birthday comes bearing gifts of Hours Of No Electricity. I’ve learned not to expect much from my birthdays, but I think this last one was pretty […]