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On Florence’s Streets

in which i take one last look at florence, the city Here be the last of Florence pictures; that is, aside from the Radiohead show at Parco delle Cascine that we were able to catch. That was an experience in itself—both good and bad—but I won’t get ahead of myself. The thing about Florence is […]

Waking Up to Florence

in which everything looked creamier than butter My sister is nuts. From our second European morning, she had been bugging me to go jogging with her. She had coerced my dad to go jogging with her one morning in Paris, and another morning in Rome, where they did a Rocky in St. Peter’s Square, aka […]

First look at Florence

in which i fell in love with florence Museo di Palazzo Vecchio (Lomography LC-A+, Kodak ColorPlus 200) First of all, I had no idea that that was how you said “Firenze.” I had to learn from The Jersey Shore. Every time Firenze’s name would pop up in Harry Potter, I’d just pretend it didn’t exist. […]