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My 10 Favorite YA Books & Series

As much as I kind of hate to admit it, this list was kind of difficult to make. I’ve been reading for most of my life, and for most of the time I spent reading, I have devoured books of the Young Adult persuasion. It’s not really a secret—I don’t really think it’s something to […]

A Question of Regression

So, this article on Slate came out some time yesterday. It’s simply called “Against YA” and author Ruth Graham’s entire point is: “Read whatever you want. But you should feel embarrassed when what you’re reading was written for children.” Ah, nothing like a literary snoot to ruin your day. The whole article seems to have […]

Synchronicity & Transcience.

I’m not really one to believe in destiny or serendipity or the stars aligning in my favor. On the rare occasion that I do allow myself the thought, it almost always bites me in the ass. However: I mostly enjoy the idea of it. I’d like to think that sometimes, synchronicity does occur, and whether […]