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25 Things I’ve Learned So Far

This is a list slated to have been posted when I turned 26, a few weeks ago. I spent my birthday on board a plane, and then shaken (angrily) awake for a surly dinner—sorry parents!—in Chicago, at a restaurant where they made their garlic bread with truffle oil. Suffice to say that I have been […]

Chelsea, Part I

Chelsea is a little pocket of streets in New York City to which most of the art galleries have moved to from their previous nesting spot in SoHo. (At least, that’s how I understand it.) You cannot go around Chelsea in one day and not feel overwhelmed. It’s just not possible. First, the trains are […]

Jeff Koons: A Retrospective

If not for this retrospective by the Whitney Museum, my pedestrian familiarity with Jeff Koons would remain pedestrian. Although I suppose that’s what retrospectives are for. Prior to seeing the Jeff Koons Retrospective, the strongest image I had of him was tied to a balloon animal. I think he is probably one of the artists […]

New York in September via the MoMA

I always mean to post about my American exploits, but the thought of filtering through the images I’ve captured (so many) has halted me, and so here we are, three weeks in, and I’m trying to recall the first full day—a Saturday—we spent in New York City. Predictably, we spent most of it in a […]

Nilo Ilarde’s “Faulty Landscape”

On display at Art Informal until September 22 is Nilo Ilarde’s Faulty Landscape. Although they usually have simultaneous exhibits at AI, Ilarde’s brain space has occupied the three rooms and it is beautiful. This isn’t the first time he’s worked with artists’ cast-offs, a mix of debris that permeate a painter’s home or studio. With […]