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I Love New York

New York, New York

& Some Thoughts on the City That Never Sleeps I’ve been meaning to write this post for the past few months, and the fact that it took me so long is proof (for me) of how mystical New York still is in my brain. I know that a lot of people are disenchanted with it […]

Letters to July

For most of the month, I’ve been watching this series of videos called Letters to July. In 2013, Emily (or emilieofnewgloom on YouTube) started this project, where she and a bunch of her YouTube friends make letters to July each day of the month. She did it again this year, and I loved watching a […]

Mr. November: The National in Singapore

in which I experienced something I didn’t know I had been waiting for. Once upon a time, I didn’t really get The National. Those were very dark times. A friend of a friend said “Slow Show” was her favorite song. So, I listened to Boxer again—listened, this time, very carefully—and something life-changing happened. There’s just […]

Roberto Chabet’s “Works on Paper”

What to do with a good head on some shoulders? The face you are now seeing is that of Lauren Hutton (shot by Irivng Penn in 1960) and is the “base” for Roberto Chabet’s Head Series, on display at Galleria Duemila currently. Works on Paper is comprised of several pieces from the Head Series spanning […]