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You Are Here

Hi! Just a quick post to invite you guys to a group show on Saturday that I’m a part of called You Are Here. I don’t usually post short posts like this here, but I figured it wouldn’t hurt to start. :) Anyway, You Are Here is curated by my favorite power couple, Everywhere We […]

LACMA in October

A few snaps from LACMA. I hadn’t been here before (to my knowledge), so it was a welcome visit. I was pleasantly surprised by their collection, though I probably should have known. Chris Burden’s Urban Light Tony Smith’s Smoke Frank Stella’s Getty Tomb, Jo Baer’s Grey Side-Bar: Green Line, Cy Twombly’s Roman Notes #3

Art Institute of Chicago

The Art Institute of Chicago

I was going to post about the States trip in order… but then I forgot about our little side trip to Boston/MA. So here, have a slice of Chicago first. I actually spent a part of my birthday on a plane from NY/NJ to Chicago, so I was pooped and cranky even though we had […]

The Mona Lisa Project at Solaire

The Mona Lisa Project has been on display at Solaire’s new wing since late November, but there was an Artists’ Night held on December 12—unfortunately, a Friday. A lot of artists and friends couldn’t make it, but then a lot were also able to, despite the unfathomable traffic. (Thank you, friends!) In case you’re unfamiliar, […]