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Cloud Gate by Anish Kapoor

Chicago, My Kind of Town

Sometimes, I feel like it’s a great thing to go into something without a lot of expectations, just because you don’t really get disappointed… although, had I expected a lot from Chicago, I still would have been blown away. Like I said in a couple of past posts, I’ve only been to Chicago once before. […]

Shedd Aquarium

Shedd Aquarium, Chicago

One of the super fun places we went to was the Shedd Aquarium! I really have no recollection of this city, aside from a bus ride and a sort of interactive exhibit, from when I was last there, but then again I was 4. (Am I making this memory up, parents?) Anyway, we spent most […]

The Field Museum, Chicago

I know I post a lot about art museums and exhibits, but when I go to the States, I like popping by natural history museums like The Field Museum in Chicago. Incidentally, I haven’t been to the one in New York (possibly because I’m too overwhelmed with everything else I ought to do while there), […]

Art Institute of Chicago

The Art Institute of Chicago

I was going to post about the States trip in order… but then I forgot about our little side trip to Boston/MA. So here, have a slice of Chicago first. I actually spent a part of my birthday on a plane from NY/NJ to Chicago, so I was pooped and cranky even though we had […]