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10 Books to Read: Update

If you’ve been following my GoodReads account (which I doubt but you know), you’d probably know what this post is going to contain. An update of 10 Books to Read, a list (and video lol) of 10 books I meant to read in 2015. Published in April, this list contains pretty manageable reads, so you’d […]

10 Happy Things Vol. 7

It’s been a few months since my last 10 Happy Things post and to be honest, it’s mostly because I keep forgetting to do this on Fridays. I remembered today, and even though I don’t feel the best at the moment—something that’s kind of common practice ’round these parts I guess—I think it’s nice to […]

10 Books to Read

Most of the time, achieving a goal requires an intentionality, and this is my attempt to regain my reading momentum for the year. Inspired by a video by MarionHoney, I listed 10 books I’d like to read as part of my 52-book goal this year. This is my usual target, and I haven’t been reaching […]