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Bits & Pieces

in which i do a flash update I have been a bit busy lately, but things are going pretty well, which is a lame and vague way of describing things, but my mind has been addled with so many things that it’s hard to think of adjectives to kind of encapsulate everything that has happened […]

Hong Kong Half-Frames

in which i reveal to you my may hong kong trip in little trickles The sun has completely risen by the time I’ve finished enough work so that I won’t feel as guilty updating this thing. I have horrible backlog, but I’m trying to tell myself that it doesn’t matter that it’s become its stale […]

Spooky Hong Kong

in which we get lost in a tangle of warehouses Courtesy of my LC-A+, Kodak Elitechrome 400, and Art East Island, HK. We went all the way to Chai Wan to see my stuff up in Lightbombs Contemporary’s pop-up showroom. Art East Island happened parallel to Art HK. We didn’t know it would be so […]

Hong Kong, 2011

in which i dump photos of my hong kong trip on you, dear viewer. Hong Kong has been a recent favorite city to visit. This time around, I was able to explore the Hong Kong side, instead of the Kowloon side, which is where we usually stay. I was able to explore a bit more, […]