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Green leafy Tuesday

Well, technically it’s a Wednesday, but only a few minutes in, so. Anyway, as I was writing this post and gathering photographic evidence of the past few days, I realized another reason why I probably feel so lacking in stuff to blog about. Immediate posting on social media took over! Like, if you already follow […]

Fotosemana Manila, 2015

I went to the launch party of Thousandfold + Fotosemana Manila, “a micro festival of contemporary photography,” last Monday. I was covering it for Young Star, but my thing didn’t make it to print, so I thought I’d post it here instead: Last Monday, as the afternoon was settling into night, groups of people piled […]

The Sunday Currently Vol. 6

Another belated The Sunday Currently post, right on the heels of… last week’s The Sunday Currently. Wow. Exciting. Reading Well. You know. Those books, still. Come on, Carina… I have about two more weeks to make even just the slightest bit of progress on my Reading Challenge. I think I just have to do better […]

The Writer Tag

I got tagged by Bea of The Dalaga Project to do this tag! I don’t think I’ve answered m/any tags—or as we used to call them, “memes”—on Nothing Spaces. Which is weird because I used to be a compulsive tag answerer back in Multiply’s heyday. The Writer Tag is part of Bea’s “Writing Week,” which […]