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Hello, it’s a Monday

Welcome, again, to another installment of my shitty titling practice, carried over from my LiveJournal days. I’m really trying—because it has become very hard to sift through old posts when all you have to go by are song lyrics stuck in your head at the time—but, I think you can tell how hard a time […]

Jessica Jones Recap: Episodes 2 & 3

I guess the main lesson we have learned from my blog (2009-present) is that I shouldn’t be making promises on it, because I almost always never follow through. It’s probably a bit like reverse-promising. I should write what I don’t want to happen as something I’m “meaning to do,” and maybe it won’t plague my […]

On Birthdays

If you’ve known me long enough, you’d probably know that I don’t really like birthdays. Like Garfield hates Mondays, I have a certain aversion to birthdays. It’s not exactly a “woe-is-me, why was I born” type of feeling—though, it’s a valid question, to be fair—but I’ve associated “unfortunate circumstances beyond my control” with my birthday. […]