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It’s been 22 years

As I was walking home after work yesterday, I realised that I had been writing about my life — and sharing the most innocuous things about it — since 2002. My first blog is still somewhere online; it tickles me a little bit that the hosting for that website is still being paid by someone […]

Keep on moving on anyway

(I played with the titles for this post, and jokingly thought of that 5ive song, but it’s stuck in my head now and I can’t think of anything else, so here we are.) So, since the last post, I’ve moved houses. My flatmate, Laura, is moving back to Zürich, and we’d been meaning to look […]

On the up and up:

I am very tempted to make a joke about the title being about the London tier system for COVID–19 lockdown (we are now in Tier 5, out of 3, lol), but I won’t. Though I suppose I’ve already done so, albeit it being a not so funny one. There isn’t really anything very new going […]