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We’re two days into the third month of the year, which has thus far been pretty exciting for me. As usual, I have some woes about the future—but what person in their 20s doesn’t have them occasionally? This is the general theme of my life: panic and anxiety, punctuated with a few welcome moments of clarity.


In February, I went to Taiwan and Caramoan, two places I hadn’t been to before. Both are potentially life-changing, but I’ll sit on it first, and see just how much! My sister opened a two-man show with Ian Jaucian at Silverlens last week. It’s called In the Year 2000 and it’s on display until the 21st in case you want to see.

I also stopped by the Met again last weekend to accompany Sarie and Mikee. Imaging Philippine Flora is only up until MARCH 14, so go see it if you can! If you missed seeing Roberto Chabet’s “Bakawan” in his CCP retrospective, now’s your chance to see it in person. I caught Tropical this time around, which was really fun. If you do decide to go, make sure to stop by the Upper Level Galleries to view The Philippine Contemporary: To Scale the Past and the Possible; lots of gems to be seen. Admission fee is Php 100, but it’s well worth it.

I’ve been busy trying to get my groove back (how did you do it, Stella? HALP) and I think I’ve found my “planner peace” for now. I am currently working off of my Midori Traveler’s Notebook, still, with 3 Field Notes inserts—changed twice from the original incarnation—a Hobonichi Techo, and my iPad. I’ve mostly let go of my Evernote x Moleskine Planner, which kills me so much, but I really wasn’t using it.

Project Life is caught up, but I am wanting to do more spreads… but I obviously can’t because I’m all caught up. I’m working on organizing and cleaning up my studio space + working on some new art things. I think I need to recalibrate my brain and start making stuff for me again. For the past few years, my output has been largely task-oriented, I kind of forgot how it feels like to just make stuff for fun/catharsis/exploration, et cetera.

Anyway, that’s it. How’s about that new Carly Rae Jepsen song? I think it’s making me want to start my (recent) pop education, a field in which I am a dunce. Help?

The Worn Archive, The World of PostSecret

New in Books: The WORN Archive & The World of PostSecret

New in books—to my collection at least, as both books featured in this post were published in 2014. This post was supposed to have gone up way back in mid-February but I underestimated my busy-ness, and now we are here. Speaking of reading, I’ve practically caught up with my book goal for this year and read a lot of books this month, having finished a grand total of 0 books in January. I mostly hate-read through Jenny Han’s The Summer I Turned Pretty series, but more on that later.

The WORN Archive : edited by Serah-Marie McMahon*

The WORN Archive is a collection of essays from WORN, a Canadian magazine formed in 2005 as a response to Fashion with a capital ‘F.’ Described right on the cover as “a fashion journal about the art, ideas, and history of what we wear,” The WORN Archive provides insight and context into fashion, but more on the cultivation of personal style and our relationship with what we wear. Read More


Casual Consumption No. 10

Before anything else, I’d like to invite you to check out a feature of my Project Life life over at Life Documented Manila’s blog!

Get a peek at some spreads of my Project Life 2014 Highlights album, and a bit of it into my process, but not really. If you’d be interested in a process post or video, or storage, or anything PL-related, let me know.


It’s been a great time for T.V. for me the past few weeks. Just kidding, it’s always a great time for T.V. But! I’ve been really enjoying HBO’s trifecta, Girls, Looking (a little less than the other two), and Togetherness, which—holy shit—is so frakking good. I am sometimes a little wary of the Duplass brothers, but I always err on the side of I LOVE THEM.

New episodes of Parks & Recreation are a thing of delight and dread because I am always thrilled by them, but I am also really sad that it’s ending. I continue to have mixed emotions re: The Mindy Project, to hate-watch Pretty Little Liars (because I’ve reached the point of no return), and to cackle like a fabulous little witch whenever I watch Broad City.

Oh, and how could I forget: I have been watching My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic in the background while I work. If this has long-term side effects on the stuff I make remains to be seen. I have episodes of Better Call Saul waiting for devouring, and I’m still thinking about making the leap to see The Casual Vacancy before reading it.


I FINALLY FINISHED A BOOK FOR 2015. HALLELUJAH. I am planning to write a review on it, as a personal goal for 2015, but I have also started another book, on audio: Jenny Han’s To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before, which I feel like reads better than it sounds like being read to me.

I finally put my Audible subscription on hold—for three months—to see if I should continue my membership or not. All the books have just piled up, so I’m not sure if audio books are for me. Enough to spend $14.95/mo anyway, since I like reading and all.


Been looping Aly Cabral’s “Would You Do The Same For Me” on loop. I found it on Petersen‘s Twitter. You can hear it here:


I don’t even want to think of food anymore. My weight has peaked and I’m embarrassed that I even care about it, but I can’t lie. My body ballooning is, frankly, a terrifying thought.

That aside, I really fell in love with this pork floss we found on a random store in Taipei—it’s mixed in with nori and sesame seeds, but I ate too much one night and felt really sick, so I ingest the damn thing in moderation.

Oh, and in an effort to make healthier choices, I’ve been enjoying salads comprised of literally only lettuce, olive oil and lemon dressing, soft boiled eggs, Greek yogurt, and as much as it pains me to eat: bananas. I hate bananas.


OK. I think I am late to the gay YouTube parade because where has The Gay Women Channel been all my life??? I will be embarrassing and divulge how my discovery came about. Ahem: I was searching for “Project Life Lesbian” (lol) because I was sick of seeing Project Life albums from the “majority demographic,” let’s call them. And! I stumbled upon this wondrous channel and plowed through “Faking It Friday,” a series where they recap every episode of Faking It, ever. If you recall, I watched this MTV show called Faking It, and Faking It Friday made me want to rewatch it, even though I didn’t even really like it that much, but Sarah and Adrianna are just so damn funny. And I want to be their friend.

So, yes. I’ve been watching that series, and a bunch of other random videos from their 180-video archive (yay!) when I stumbled upon a new series from a different channel that I just finished devouring, Carmilla, which is about vampiric college dilemmas.

It’s based on the Joseph Sheridan Le Fanu’s novella, Carmilla, one of the earliest examples of vampire fiction. You’re welcome.

Other Stuff

I got a Hobonichi. In the middle of February. Oh, and the version I got? Is in Japanese. I wouldn’t say this is an impulsive decision, because I’d been thinking about it a lot, but I guess I’ll be honest and say it totally was an impulsive decision because I was blinded by the Gimme Gimmes when I was innocently combing through eslite in Taipei and found the Hobonichi, in the exact cover I wanted, staring me in the face. Yep.

A photo posted by Carina Santos (@presidents) on

Not my finest moment, but may I direct your attention the the sheer amount of decorative tape I have acquired on this trip instead? #aintnominimalist

Other Other Stuff

Oh my gosh, Tiny Letters, you guys. They are the best.

Anyway, I think that’s it for this volume! I will strive to make these appear more frequently, just because it’s a biznatch to catch up. If you want me to expound on anything, like in the form of a review or a dedicated post, please feel free to let me know. :)

Header photo was taken in Nevada with a Lomography Diana Baby.


Busy February

It’s only the seventeenth day of the second month, but for most of 2015, I feel time escaping me. Like I’ve stated before, I’m not sure if I keep running out of time or if I want to do too many things. February has been spent doing stuff for the Art Fair and going to a new place (Taipei!) for about a week, which means that I was out of the house for most of it.

This week, I’ll be spending catching up on work and blogging and Project Life, but I’ll be heading off to Caramoan on Sunday for a few days. I’m looking forward to that, partly because I haven’t been to Caramoan, and partly because I want to catch up on my reading. So far, progress has been slow-going. I have simultaneous reads going, but I have yet to finish a book for 2015, which is slightly embarrassing.

I’m trying to get back into the groove of things, and I don’t know if this confused old lady I have to deal with daily (a.k.a. me) has always been this slow or if my brain has decided to die much quicker than my body. Speaking of body, though, I am actually really, really sad about my weight right now. I know that that is such a stupid thing to be worried about, but it actually, honest-to-goodness worries me. I teeter between wanting to get myself healthy and saying “F.U.!” and eating everything in sight. So far, I have also been doing both. So maybe my body and my mind are actually deteriorating at the same time, but I’ve become too oblivious to notice.

How does everyone else do it? I don’t remember being this stressed out about “getting things done” and I hope that I’m only writing this in a distressed state, and not as a permanent mindset. Because I don’t want to stress about doing things or not finding enough time and I don’t want to spend my time regretting all the things I didn’t do because I simply felt bad or afraid or worried about other people’s opinions. I miss not giving a shit.

I spend so much time stuck in the in between that I’m scared I’ll never find my way out again.


The Sunday Currently Vol. 12

Even though I have an iPad mini, I find that it is still a bit hard for me to blog on the go. Anyway, hi from Taiwan! I’ve been here since the 10th and we’re on our last night. That photo above was taken in a beautifully modern tea house in Jiufen, the small town (is it a town?) in northern Taiwan that inspired Spirited Away.


I haven’t been reading much except for research on places to go or tips and stuff. I can’t wait to crack open a book.


I just finished writing postcards to send to people. I’m thinking about starting a postcard exchange thing. Well, I’ve been thinking about it for a long-ass time… Perhaps it’s about time I get around doing that.


Oh my gosh, I’ve got Grammy-nominated songs stuck in my head the past two days, it’s ridiculous.


This is going to come across as real dumb, but I’m thinking about my Project Life album…


Ugh, so our hotel is practically beside this store that sells pork floss that’s the best I’ve ever tasted. It’s mixed in with nori and sesame and they cook a big batch every day and the smell of it, wafting along our street, is such a beautiful smell.


I’m wishing that I could have been here in Taipei in time for Hostess Club Weekend. Alas.


To make the most out of the month and the next one. I have two more trips coming up soon. I don’t know how people who travel so much manage to work so much too,


Jeans from Uniqlo, my favorite and only shirt from Cheap Monday, a sweater from Match Globe Fiftyfive, something I got in Korea.


Taipei is a huge enormous love, currently. The pork floss, the washi tape, the people, the food, the subway system, the Hobonichi Techo I found, the stationery, the airport. I mean, why is this place so underrated?!


My suitcase to magically pack itself.


To set up my game plan for when I get back so I can jump into working right away, and figure this balancing things out.


Mostly cold because this room is cold!


I don’t have any links right now, but I want to share a few soon.

The Sunday Currently was pretty much stolen from siddathornton! Header photo is of me in Jiufen, taken by my sister, Isabel.

Patty Eustaquio

2015, so far: January

Not a lot has happened in 2015, really, but here are a few things I wanted to remember post-January. I think it’s important to keep track of things like this, especially if you are as muddle-minded as me.

General Observations:

  1. I didn’t have as much idle time as I used to have, but there’s still room for improvement, especially since I sort of lost my shit towards the end of January and decided that all I wanted to do in life was to lie down on the couch and take cat naps.
  2. In terms of work, I surprisingly spent this month writing more than doing anything else.
  3. I had lots of fun with photographs and a conscious effort at documenting. I know that the general consensus right now is to put down your camera and ~be in the moment~ but sue me if I want to preserve a memory in an image instead of in words.
  4. There was a lot of “soul-searching,” aka admitting my fundamental weaknesses as a person.
  5. I have just been more present. Except for the last few days, but I’m fixing that.

Field Notes used up:

FieldNotes - Jan

Top row were started in December and filled up by January. L-R: County Fair, Night Sky (with sticky notes I never used), Cold Horizon.

Bottom row were used and filled up in January. L-R: Shelterwood, Red Blooded.

These are what I mainly use for writing and organizing, though I do have a Monthly and Weekly planner, and some bigger notebooks for longer drafts/thoughts/sketches, and some lists books.


Currently still in the process of The Empathy Exams—almost done!—The Sandman Vol. 9: The Kindly Ones, and Yes Please. I like all of them.

Art shows I went to

I went to a ton, but I still missed out on a few. Why can’t my body be in two places at once! Here is a list of the ones I managed to visit:

  1. Finale: Amy Aragon, Lyra Garcellano, Ranelle Dial (blogged)
  2. Leica Club Gallery: Leica Club Manila
  3. Light and Space Contemporary: Oca Villamiel (written for Supreme)
  4. Vargas Museum: Forces at Work
  5. Blanc Gallery: Jordin Isip, Louie Cordero, and Melted City 2
  6. West Gallery: Mark Andy Garcia, Kurt Gloria, Buboy Cañafranca, Segue
  7. Finale: Wire Tuazon, Kieye Miranda
  8. MO_Space: Fernando Modesto
  9. Ateneo Art Gallery: Eric Zamuco

I’m still in the process of sorting out photos and thoughts. Apologies for the massive delay. I don’t know what it is about my brain these days. It honestly feels like a dinosaur processor and I want to kick it several times, if it meant that it would work as fast and as efficiently as it used to.

I’d like to:

  • Procrastinate less. Opportunities need to be seized, and no seizing is being done when you spend most of your “waking hours” napping or giving yourself a pep talk to start working.
  • Do more instead of planning to do more. Just do it, duh.
  • Learn more. I’m doing this thing called Skillshare Sunday where I attempt to slowly bu surely get through all of the classes I’ve enrolled myself in over at Skillshare. This isn’t going very well, but I’m not giving up!
  • Spend less. I’ve curbed my spending pretty significantly, but I still want to re-learn the difference between necessity and luxury, and learn it in an intrinsic way. I don’t want to want unnecessary things.
  • Write more. I know I said I wrote a lot this month, but I want to keep track of my days more. I think this keeps me grounded. I don’t want to float away again.

Header image is detail of Patty Eustaquio’s painting, on display at Art Fair Philippines.


LACMA in October

A few snaps from LACMA. I hadn’t been here before (to my knowledge), so it was a welcome visit. I was pleasantly surprised by their collection, though I probably should have known.

Chris Burden’s Urban Light


Tony Smith’s Smoke

Frank Stella’s Getty Tomb, Jo Baer’s Grey Side-Bar: Green Line, Cy Twombly’s Roman Notes #3

Read More

Eric Zamuco

The Sunday Currently Vol. 11

Wow, this is officially the list I’ve kept on doing the longest. Perhaps because it’s the most self-absorbed one? Probably. Not that this whole blog isn’t just a big ol’ tribute to myself… I mean, if you really think about it.


Today, I was reading Neil Gaiman’s The Sandman Vol. 9: The Kindly Ones, and I’m very nearly done with Leslie Jamison’s The Empathy Exams and Amy Poehler’s Yes Please. To say that this has been, thus far, a disappointment in my reading speed, frequency, and interest, is a gross understatement.


I’m trying to write a bunch of stuff for Supreme, because February is going to be such a busy month for me. I’m a little terrified but excited at the same time. I hope it doesn’t cross over to me not wanting to do anything. Because that happens when I feel too overwhelmed.


Aside from drowning my sorrows in some Ryan Adams, shamelessly living through some nostalgia c/o blink-182, I’ve been looping Aly Cabral’s “Would You Do The Same For Me” on loop. I found it on Petersen‘s Twitter. You can here it here:

Guess what? One of my dinosaur discoveries for 2015 is Spotify. I just got it and it’s making my life 1000x easier, since most of my music’s on my laptop and I absolutely haven’t transferred most of it to my desktop.


About how my miniscule problems are so irrelevant in the greater scheme of things with all the crap that’s going on in the world.

But it still pisses me off how rude and passive aggressive some people can be.


You know the smell of nothing? That’s what I’m smelling right now, and it’s a little weird.


Well, honestly, I’m not really in a “wishing” mood because I’m feeling a little surly that these things are kind of good for nothing and in reality, you really have to work for anything you want to happen for yourself.


To kickstart February with the same fervor I began January and lost along the way. So far, this has not been a success. As far as February 1st goes anyway. Most of today was spent napping. To be fair, I took allergy meds, but still. I’m sure other people in the world has made themselves some degree of usefulness today. Unlike me.


A super old H&M tank when I used to still buy H&M (it’s got a peace sign made of flowers!) and boxers from Uniqlo.


Hmm, I’ve been really enjoying Spotify (hahaha), my Midori + Field Notes system that I need to remember to keep using. The past few weeks have honestly been such a listless haze.

Oh, I’ve been really loving Togetherness, which is a new show on HBO created by the Duplass brothers, the midwives on The Mindy Project. I’ve also gotten back into making videos, which I always found to be such a fun process, if a little tedious at times and kind of “not my thing,” because it’s talking in public, basically. Except it totally is. It’s My Thing.

And OK, even though I feel really shitty right now, 2015 has been a good year so far. I don’t know where all these feelings are coming from, but objectively speaking, it’s been a good 30 or so days. The fact that I had to delete “great” to type in “good” is probably a sign of something. I don’t know what of, but it’s a sign for sure.


Cojones. Where can I get those? Ugh. I feel really quite rudderless and useless, and so many things all at once.


Motivation, probably. A pill that will make me more attuned to my “grown up” qualities. Because honestly, I feel like a child even though I’m well over 26. Yep, you read that right.


Really, really disappointed by a lot of things and a lot of people, but I don’t want to be a dweller anymore.

Honestly, I sometimes feel like being positive is a choice, and I just want to have the capacity to make that choice, and also to make choices that are ultimately beneficial to me. Even if I feel, in some particular moment, that I really, really don’t want to make those choices.

Be kind, be kinder, be the bigger person, understand more, et cetera, et cetera.


Here are a few of my favorite reads from the last week or so:

  • In Manila, Two Seasons, No Regrets by Laurel Fantauzzo, which is a beautiful piece in the NYT Modern Love column. I went to Ateneo to hear her Kritika Kultura talk with Ned Parfan, and Laurel read a bit from her YA novel in the works called Somewhere There are Trees, which should be finished. Eventually. But I want it now. Alas.
  • Friendship is Complicated by Maria Bustillos got me watching My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, which to be honest, is kind of really fun.
  • Mr. President, Feel for the Fallen, an op-ed by Criselda Yabes is essentially how I feel about Noynoy Aquino being a no-show.
  • Why I’m dropping everything to photograph a river by Luc Forsyth. I saw this on my feed, c/o my friend Hannah‘s post and it’s just an honest read about losing sight of why you do what you do, and then reconnecting with the why.
  • On what could have been: by Petra, because like always, it is beautiful.
  • Liz Uy’s beauty philosophy is something I wrote for Supreme. Just a few questions. By the way, her power lipstick is “red, of course!”

This is a depressing TSC and I don’t really want it to be, but it’s where I am right now, and I don’t think people will care, anyway. And if they do, they really, really shouldn’t, because there’s too much crap to feel bad about in the world already.

This is just me figuring some stuff out.

The Sunday Currently was pretty much stolen from siddathornton! Header photo is of me and of Eric Zamuco’s Private Pool, taken by my sister, Isabel.


The Chapter in Your Life Entitled San Francisco: Part III

My last San Francisco post had too many photos, so I thought I’d save the last day and give it its own post. Pretty fitting, since we did do quite a lot of things that day.

October 10

We went to visit Bader at Vintage Court, which is where we usually stay when we go to SFO (it was full on our dates this year), but he was on break so we popped by Chinatown for lunch first.


After catching up—he’s retiring this year!—we went back to Golden Gate Park to see the de Young Museum. Fortuitously, it was open until 8pm that day (a Friday, but it doesn’t seem like it’s still open until 8pm these days, though!) so we went to go see the California Academy of Sciences first.

We saw it across the park and it looked so freaking Jurassic. Seriously, I said it before but I love San Francisco fog.


We decided to go in because of the special exhibit on skulls! Read More

San Francisco

The Chapter in Your Life Entitled San Francisco: Part II

A second post dedicated to the lovely San Francisco. You can find the first one here! Picking up for where I left off there, here’s what happened the next few days:

October 8

We went to Fisherman’s Wharf in the hopes of seeing Ai Weiwei’s installation in Alcatraz. BUT IT WAS BOOKED UNTIL PAST OUR LAST DAY IN SFO. Very disappointing. SFMoMA was closed for renovation when we were in San Francisco, so we were hoping this would fix our disappointment over that. Alas.


We ended up going back to the Pier 39 side of Fisherman’s Wharf and I got ice cream and saltwater taffy like a child.

Untitled Untitled

Then we went around galleries near and along Geary St. so it ended up being a very low-key day.


October 9

We got Mission Street Chinese, Pie at… Mission Pie, and Sightglass Coffee—AN AMAZING PLACE THAT I WANT TO LIVE IN—with Rachel, 1/2 of Silverlens. She lived in San Francisco for a while and was there to take time off of gallery work to make some pieces for her upcoming solo show. Mission District is a great area to explore if you’re in SFO.


Sidenote: Mission Street Chinese was so good! I don’t usually like Chinese food, but this was really different. Apparently, it’s always full so we were lucky we didn’t have to wait at all, despite being a party of 6.

Mission Pie! The coffee was cheap and unlimited but also not that good, haha. So we went to Sightglass! I liked the pie, though.


We went to the branch on Seventh Street, but I know there’s one closer to Mission (20th Street). This place was gorgeous and the coffee was excellent, and they sold patches, and played Pavement, and had a bike rack to park your bike. Ugh, I’d honestly live there, in Sightglass, if I could.

Sightglass Coffee San Francisco

My brother and I saw 20,000 Days on Earth, the Nick Cave movie, at The Roxie Theatre. I wasn’t feeling like going—typical lazy-ass hermit me—but I’m so glad I went in the end. I’d been wanting to post more about this movie (I took notes in the dark!) so maybe watch out for that if I don’t end up getting swamped with other stuff.

(Photo by my brother, Luis!)

“One day I will tell you how to slay the dragon.”

I underestimated the photos I took, so in the middle of writing up this post… I decided I’d do a Part III. It’ll probably be up by tomorrow! I still have to go through my photos from LA, Las Vegas, and Nevada, but wow. This really took a while.

I hope this helps anyone out anyway. I love travel posts, but I think it’s really more of a personal thing—an act of remembering—and not so helpful for other people. If you have any questions, though, always feel free to ask. :)