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The Chapter in Your Life Entitled San Francisco: Part III

My last San Francisco post had too many photos, so I thought I’d save the last day and give it its own post. Pretty fitting, since we did do quite a lot of things that day.

October 10

We went to visit Bader at Vintage Court, which is where we usually stay when we go to SFO (it was full on our dates this year), but he was on break so we popped by Chinatown for lunch first.


After catching up—he’s retiring this year!—we went back to Golden Gate Park to see the de Young Museum. Fortuitously, it was open until 8pm that day (a Friday, but it doesn’t seem like it’s still open until 8pm these days, though!) so we went to go see the California Academy of Sciences first.

We saw it across the park and it looked so freaking Jurassic. Seriously, I said it before but I love San Francisco fog.


We decided to go in because of the special exhibit on skulls! Read More

San Francisco

The Chapter in Your Life Entitled San Francisco: Part II

A second post dedicated to the lovely San Francisco. You can find the first one here! Picking up for where I left off there, here’s what happened the next few days:

October 8

We went to Fisherman’s Wharf in the hopes of seeing Ai Weiwei’s installation in Alcatraz. BUT IT WAS BOOKED UNTIL PAST OUR LAST DAY IN SFO. Very disappointing. SFMoMA was closed for renovation when we were in San Francisco, so we were hoping this would fix our disappointment over that. Alas.


We ended up going back to the Pier 39 side of Fisherman’s Wharf and I got ice cream and saltwater taffy like a child.

Untitled Untitled

Then we went around galleries near and along Geary St. so it ended up being a very low-key day.


October 9

We got Mission Street Chinese, Pie at… Mission Pie, and Sightglass Coffee—AN AMAZING PLACE THAT I WANT TO LIVE IN—with Rachel, 1/2 of Silverlens. She lived in San Francisco for a while and was there to take time off of gallery work to make some pieces for her upcoming solo show. Mission District is a great area to explore if you’re in SFO.


Sidenote: Mission Street Chinese was so good! I don’t usually like Chinese food, but this was really different. Apparently, it’s always full so we were lucky we didn’t have to wait at all, despite being a party of 6.

Mission Pie! The coffee was cheap and unlimited but also not that good, haha. So we went to Sightglass! I liked the pie, though.


We went to the branch on Seventh Street, but I know there’s one closer to Mission (20th Street). This place was gorgeous and the coffee was excellent, and they sold patches, and played Pavement, and had a bike rack to park your bike. Ugh, I’d honestly live there, in Sightglass, if I could.

Sightglass Coffee San Francisco

My brother and I saw 20,000 Days on Earth, the Nick Cave movie, at The Roxie Theatre. I wasn’t feeling like going—typical lazy-ass hermit me—but I’m so glad I went in the end. I’d been wanting to post more about this movie (I took notes in the dark!) so maybe watch out for that if I don’t end up getting swamped with other stuff.

(Photo by my brother, Luis!)

“One day I will tell you how to slay the dragon.”

I underestimated the photos I took, so in the middle of writing up this post… I decided I’d do a Part III. It’ll probably be up by tomorrow! I still have to go through my photos from LA, Las Vegas, and Nevada, but wow. This really took a while.

I hope this helps anyone out anyway. I love travel posts, but I think it’s really more of a personal thing—an act of remembering—and not so helpful for other people. If you have any questions, though, always feel free to ask. :)


The Chapter in Your Life Entitled San Francisco: Part I

San Francisco has always been one of my favorite places to visit and revisit. I once declared it as “the only place in the West Coast that I like.” I know better now, but this wisdom doesn’t eclipse my love for the land of Ghirardelli, Haight Street, and that bearded Starbucks barista at Beach/Hyde that I kept on checking out in 2008. Ahem.

We stayed closer to Union Square than we had previously (we always used to stay further uphill!) so the “new” SFO took some time getting used to. My dad also pulled a back muscle back in Chicago, so for a while we/they couldn’t really go that far out and explore. Don’t worry, it got better.

San Francisco is so picturesque, I can’t even begin to explain how much I love how this city looks. This is the first Project Life layout I posted on my Instagram a few weeks ago. I think it might be one of my favorites, but it could also just be the succulents:

A photo posted by Carina Santos (@presidents) on

Again, San Francisco is just a good looking city. That’s probably why I love that spread so much. We did a bunch of things, which I will list down below, since that seems to be the easiest way to digest information these days: Read More


The Sunday Currently Vol. 10


I’m currently in the middle of The Empathy Exams by Leslie Jamison and Yes Please by Amy Poehler. I’m thinking of dipping into Eric Gamalinda’s The Descartes Highlands for a bit of fiction.


A tinyletter and some travel backlog posts.


The last two episodes of BBC’s Good Omens (here). Three days left to listen from the beginning!

I’m also about to embark on something I’d like to call “Skillshare Sunday,” due to the fact that I’ve enrolled in several Skillshare classes only to leave them untouched and ignored. I feel like this would better me more as a person than napping more than I ought to on Sundays. Naps are great, but I just want to less like a slug, too.


There’s no harm in trying. Also the garlic bread my mom is making.


Essential oils I bought today! I got rosemary, which is supposed to help jog your memory, and peppermint, for soothing~ feelings.




That wishes come true!


An Artwork Collab! Collab! shirt (the Mariano Ching/Yasmin Sison one), a long blue skirt from Uniqlo and socks from Korea.


2015, so far. Might perhaps have something to do with me wanting to keep things positive—more or less.


A holiday. A very long holiday. Just kidding, I just want to stop finding so many excuses for everything.


A simpler, better system for organization.


Relieved. That’s it.


I’ve been looking into scrapbooking (shut up) and I came across Kelly Purkey’s blog through Ch, and I’m just filled with fuzzies.

I’ve also been liking On a Wednesday for quite a while, so check that out if you haven’t seen it. They’re short interviews, on a Wednesday. :)

If you’ve been wanting to hear a few short stories from real people, come say Hi. Shoot a hello to me here, too.

The Sunday Currently was originally from siddathornton.

Photo is from Louie Cordero’s exhibit last night. It was taken by Sarie!

Lyra Garcellano - Finale - 2014-2015 - a

First Week of January: Finale & Hole in the Wall

Although I have a pretty massive backlog, I’ve hit a brick wall with my travel posts, so here’s an interlude. On the first weekend of January, Sarie and I managed to catch the last day of the round of shows over at Finale. I’m pretty bad at keeping track of which shows are going on, so I’m pretty thankful my parents were talking about dropping by Finale that same day over breakfast.

Finale is one of my favorite art spaces in Metro Manila because their space is huge and open. I think it really adds to the shows, but that’s just me. We were able to catch Amy Aragon’s Amy is Here, Lyra Garcellano’s Sweep, and Ranelle Dial’s Adsciety. Read More

Casual Consumption 9

Casual Consumption No. 9

OK, I'll admit it: this is going to be a mishmash of things that have been “casually consumed” in the most general sense of that phrase. So, instead of only ultra-specific articles of pop culture, I'm going to mention a few other things (you'll see what I mean as I go along). Ahem.


Aside from a steady rotation of The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit since Christmas (heh), I've seen English Only, Please!, an MMFF entry, which to be honest was the only one I wanted to see. My sister really liked it, and I think the script and the charm is what carried most of the movie. If you think about it, the plot is a little convoluted, but I really enjoyed watching it. Think of it as the journey is better than the destination, which isn't bad at all.

Read More


Boston & Stockbridge, MA

We spent two nights in Massachusetts sometime in late September, before heading off to our next stop, New Jersey. I’ve been to Boston before (the same year JK Rowling gave her commencement speech at Harvard; I was there about 2 days earlier) but never on this side.

It was a lovely side trip, even though we didn’t do a lot of things and called it a “night” when there was still light out. Still, we saw a lot of beautiful things.

Some highlights of Boston:

Best salsa at Olé, Ragnar Kjartansson’s The Visitors at the ICA, beer-infused pretzels and shandy (haha) at Harpoon Brewery, the sweetest fresh oysters I’ve ever had (served at the roof bar as cocktails—not with the seafood appetizer platter we got), CLAM CHOWDER OMG?, the best view—I love this type of moody lighting by the bay. Read More

2015 Resolutions


Happy new year, whoever you are reading this!

I’ve been trying to think of what kind of resolutions I’ll be making for 2015, or even the format they will take, and I think that I finally managed to think of something that works for me. I’ve been watching a lot of planning videos (sue me) and one of the videos I watched picked a word to kind of lord over all her decisions in 2015, and her word was “Simplify.” For a while, I thought about copying that, but I instead found a phrase—just today!—that I think manages to capture the things I want to do more of this year that I think I kind of neglected in 2014. Read More

Cloud Gate by Anish Kapoor

Chicago, My Kind of Town

Sometimes, I feel like it’s a great thing to go into something without a lot of expectations, just because you don’t really get disappointed… although, had I expected a lot from Chicago, I still would have been blown away. Like I said in a couple of past posts, I’ve only been to Chicago once before. When I was 4. So this was a whole new experience for me! And I kind of really wonder why not a lot of people talk about Chicago. It’s like a more laid-back New York. I love it so much. Read More