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Three Things No. 6

Three actual things that have preoccupied me in the last couple of days. (Someone said that the end of the year this year is worse than usual because of a lot of Saturn placements, so I guess I’ve had a lot of time spent at home.)

“Psycho” — Red Velvet

Look, I haven’t really tried very hard to branch out of BTS in terms of my K-pop fixation. I just love them, because they make me happy (lol) and not particularly because I find their music, you know, brilliant or amazing. They’re catchy and I listen to them a lot, but you know, I think my enjoyment has a lot to do with watching them interact and stuff, too. Is that a stranger reason? Perhaps.

In any case, I haven’t been particularly interested in listening to a lot of K-pop girl groups, for whatever reason, aside from a little 2NE1 (because Sandara) and a little SNSD/Girls Generation (because, IDK, makeup looks). But: “Psycho” was floating around the internet and was met with amazing reviews. It wasn’t until I was sort of force-fed it that I realised — wow, they’re actually really good and I love them all?

This song is legitimately catchy, the choreography is so good, THE LOOKS! I have this weird feeling of both Yeri and Joy getting like… the worst styling (usually), and I’m not like an expert or anything, but yes. Even they look really good in this one. Love the makeup, love everything.

(In case you were wondering, I love Wendy the most.)

Fire Emblem: Three Houses

Fire! Emblem! Three! Houses! Okay, so I got a Switch Lite a month and a half ago (not a Switch~ as I previously posted, completely unintentional error) and mostly used it to play Pokémon Shield, which was okay and fun and all of that, but I have not touched it since getting my second game: Fire Emblem: Three Houses. I am not a gaymer by any stretch of the imagination, but I spent 160+ hours in the last month and a half on this game. It’s a little embarrassing to admit lol, but it’s really so good. If you have Switch/Switch Lite, please get this gaaaaame. I’m so obsessed.

I am on my final run (fourth ending) and am dreading actually finishing it and moving on. Even though my brother got me Zelda (BotW!) for Christmas. And I also got Witcher 3 on sale, lol. They are harder tbh because I’m not used to games like that, but yes. FE3H. So good. I’ve been on subreddits for it, because I am insane but also cautiously backing away because we all know that when I find a rabbit hole, I kind of… fall in and wallow in it, like, voluntarily.

Knitting and mukbang videos, but together

So, if this wasn’t enough of a deterrent to my getting my life together like a proper adult, I taught myself how to knit. On New Years Eve. Alone in my house. Yep. This is 31.

I finished a couple of seasons of lame T.V. (I’m not telling you what shows, but there are honestly better shows out there for you to watch, cross my heart) whilst knitting but found out that my happy place is watching mukbang videos on YouTube while knitting. Particularly Stephanie Soo’s because she talks about weird-ass conspiracy theories and true crime crap while eating good food (as in, not just always — though sometimes — a ton of indulgent fast food takeaway). I’m close to halfway done with my ugly, hole-y blanket, and I have a ton of yarn in my shopping cart (that I might just x out of because, again, obsessive rabbit hole).

I wish I had more exciting things to share with you, but I literally haven’t been doing much outside of the house except looking after myself, occasional raket, gaming (lol), knitting and mukbang. I do have a new planning system that I adopted this new year, which I think is working out really well so far, and I can make a post or a video about that if anyone was interested in that stuff maybe? Let me know!