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Three Things No. 4

Right, so three things I am into at the moment, with this post written as an extension of procrastination. We had a “degree show” on Saturday afternoon (I wish I was joking: it is literally one day from 12:30 p.m. to 5 p.m. because we are ‘not technically part of MA fine art’) and then dissertation submission about a week later.

I am more or less done, but my whole thing is an ongoing collection of work exploring the themes of subjectivity in space (like, most briefly and vaguely). But, well, the provision of space and facilities in the actual uni didn’t really give me with much to work with — and it was becoming apparent that the different entry points I was using in conjunction with my research were becoming, as they say, “A Lot” — so I made a website: Somebody, Somewhere, and it houses a breadth of work I’ve made responding to those texts and those themes. Once it’s a little more refined, I’m going to shove it down everyone’s throats, but for now, the link is here for you who are reading this. I’m sorry/you’re welcome !

SO. Three things. Let’s start with the most obvious one—

01 BTS

Not sure if you’ve managed to escape my deluge of DELIGHT when I talk about this boyband, which if you have, congratulations, but much of my non-dissertation time (and, O.K., a bit of my non-dissertation time) has been consumed by this little group. I won’t go into details but just to give you a little picture of my situation, I will mention that I am trying to half-heartedly learn Korean on Duofuckinglingo.

But in any case, one of the many many many fun and silly things I’ve enjoyed while looking up all things BTS is Run! BTS, which is basically a variety show they do on an app/website called Vlive, which is a rabbit hole I refuse to go down. For now.

Since getting into them in a manner that I can only liken to a deep dive, I’ve taken a step back and remembered that there are other things in life, lol. (Trust that I have longer thoughts on this, but uh, maybe later. Also, I’ve decided against watching them at the Wembley because I’m poor??) But in case you’re curious, the catalyst for this is Tara’s insistence that I watch the music video for Boy With Luv:

02 Love is Real by Susan V. Sappe

This gorgeous little book is made by S.S. Whetton, one of the first people at LCBA that I’ve met, and the one I’ve got (third printing) is a two-signature wonder — riso-printed red on pink paper with a foil-blocked cover (a shiny apple red in a delicious serif) and exposed binding. It is full of dirty and surreal fan fic of John Maus who’s released an album of the same name.

It is so good, I can’t even really stop gushing about it. I pick it up and kind of gently flick through it and run my fingers all along it, and I remember so many reasons why I love bookmaking so much in the first place. Not quite the kind of fanfic I’m used to — and one of the studio managers, Fraser, has warned me not to read it on the tube, lol — but I am still in love.

More stuff like this, please.

(Love is Real is available for purchase in several different bookstores, but available online here.)

03 Booksmart

A few days ago, Laura and I saw Booksmart, which was, in my professional opinion (an opinion you should trust), Really Good. It’s Olivia Wilde’s directorial debut (!) and focuses on two teen BFFs, Molly and Amy, on a mission to make their last day before high school graduation count for something other than their GPA… to hilarious results.

Classic high school hijinks (set to a beautiful soundtrack b t w), which probably is what led to people inducting it into teen canon, predicting cult classic status, and drawing comparisons to favourite movies of the same ilk. Which, I completely agree with, but also, it’s got such a lovely, silly cast! Who seem to all like one another? Which is great. The dynamics of the characters themselves also offer some nuance and complexity to high school stereotypes that are easy to fall into. The Breakfast Club walked so Booksmart could run, basically.

(I have one tiny gripe about it that’s probably nothing, but otherwise, I love it to pieces, much like the amount of affection I would shower the child I will never have.)

I’ve only seen it once, but I’d honestly like to watch it again. If only I had more time while it’s still playing in the cinemas here. Like I said, I’m kind of not in the best place financially at the moment, but if my £9.50 shows support for movies like this, I will give it.

I think I may never tire of good and wholesome female friendship storylines, ever, so I’m glad there seems to be a few of them now and to look forward to, which reminds me:

(A bonus thing because BTS “doesn’t count” as it’s a super fucking obvious Thing): 04 Tuca and Bertie

As of writing, I’ve seen Tuca and Bertie, or at least put it on while I was working in the studio, three times, all the way through. It is perfect. It is silly and sometimes gross (which girls are allowed to be, by the way!) and funny and deals with serious shit like trauma, addiction, commitment, friendship, and showing up for people. It. Is. Perfect.

I love the creator, Lisa Hanawalt, and became an instant fan when I looked her up, after learning of her design work on BoJack Horseman. The video below is what sealed the deal for me, and I’ve been a somewhat avid follower (lol yucky term , but I yam what I yam) since watching it. (It’s about her eventual involvement in BoJack as an illustrator without “real” animation background, but also about other things — Just Watch It.)

I love mid-career pivots, or extensions, or whatever you want to call them. I have a handful of them I keep in my pocket for when I feel a career-related breakdown coming on. Anticipating a chorus of “What are you doing? You’re wasting your life!”? I just whip these guys out. The choruses still come, but by then, I’d have a bit of a soothing salve.

So, yes, something short-ish and sweet. I realised that I was cramming too much information on these posts, when the purpose was actually to draw attention to things I think people should give a chance to (lol stan BTS…) rather than bore people to their deaths.

Three Things is not meant to be all-encompassing of things you love, Carina. But here are three-ish things that I do, for you, for now.

OTHERWISE. Everything else is good-ish, but also tinged with quite a bit of panic. I don’t want to kind of break down just yet, so I’ll keep my mouth shut, lol. But in the most important ways, I guess I am more or less fine. I remembered to make the bed and brush my teeth and not weigh myself this morning, a list which I think counts for something. Hope you are all getting by, too.