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The Sunday Currently Vol. 37


I’m reading a couple of things at the moment, though I’d like to report that I’ve finished two books recently: Heather Havrilesky’s How to Be a Person in the World (finally!), which I thought was good but also went on for a bit too long. IDK, I’m a fan, but I think maybe advice column collections aren’t for me. Also finished Roman Muradov’s The End of a Fence, which is gorgeous and sublime and abstract.

What I’m currently reading are Gaby Dunn and Allison Raskin’s I Hate Everyone But You, which is cute enough, but also reads as sort of a fanfic AU where the authors (who have a YouTube channel together) are actually childhood friends and went to college together. Sweet and cute, so far, but also weirdly invasive and may potentially be alienating if you don’t like their dynamics to begin with.

Also in the middle of Giorgio Guglielmino’s This is Now. A geographical guide to cutting-edge contemporary art, which explores new and active artists per region. It’s quite interesting and resembles the kind of writing I maybe want to do with regards to art. I find that a lot of crit, although important and hold a place in the world, alienate a lot of other people. This is Now has been a pleasant read so far and I’m so glad to see art from places I’m pretty unfamiliar with.


Not writing a lot; mostly transcribing. It’s very unpleasant.


Beautiful new albums out! Currently on rotation are The National’s Sleep Well Beast (of course) and Phoebe Bridgers’ Stranger in the Alps. Both good, both recommended, both on Spotify.


In the middle of catching up with The 100‘s fourth season as I mourn the end of Teen Wolf. I’ve also been watching This is Us, and it’s such a good family drama? I love it a lot even though all it does is make me feel this weird combination of warm-fuzzy and sad.


Let’s not go there.


The fresh cup of coffee I am making.


Let’s not go there either.


Or here!


One of the few shorts I have left that don’t have holes by the buttocks. The shirt I wore outside yesterday because I was too lazy to change out of it.


MY DOGS. Art? Watercolor paper? Paint?? Being able to actually sit down long enough to read books?? I don’t know. Let’s look for small delights, shall we?


I don’t want to go here either.


Really makes me wonder why I thought it would be a good idea to post one of these today.


Because I don’t want to go here either.


I’m gonna go and self-promote: here is my new portfolio of work. It’s mostly updated in the art department, but I’ve got a few design projects up on there and I finally put up links to my writing work. Like, wow, how did it take me this long! Any comments or suggestions welcome, of course.

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